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Jake Kivanc

Ryerson Journalism student, freelance photojournalist, lover of jerk chicken and free things. If I had one rule, it'd be to always show up.

I'm a adventurer first, writer second. Currently a Ryerson Journalism student who is in constant pursuit of good stories and interesting people. I like to issues of culture, health and science, but anything with a good tale at its core is enough to get me interested.
Will I Be Paralyzed Like My Mother Once

Will I Be Paralyzed Like My Mother Once Was?

Now, I patiently wait on a list nine months long in order to see if I drew the short end of the stick. It's both comforting and frightening to know that, no matter the outcome, it's completely out of my control, and in a way I'm okay with that.
07/22/2015 12:29 EDT