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James Di Fiore

Writer, film producer, political pundit.

James is a Montreal native living in Toronto, a published children's author, political pundit (those are often interchangeable), and freelance scribe. He is also an award winning documentary film producer and a happy stay-at-home daddy.
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Pretending To Be Santa Is A Privilege

The overriding idea behind dressing up as Santa Claus is not to provide children with hopes for gifts; it is to provide them with a vehicle to escape into an imaginative state, where wishes and secrets are tangled together, and a man in a red suit is the only arbitrator qualified to pull the right strings.
12/16/2016 02:22 EST
Adrian Wyld/CP

Charlie Angus Could Be The Bernie Sanders Of Canada

The reason why a candidate like Angus is so interesting is because the new conventional wisdom is that there is no conventional wisdom anymore. A self-described socialist almost won the nomination for president of the United States, and probably would have won if the party he ran under did not work tirelessly against him. So the prospect of a true left-leaning politician inspiring voters from various sub-political persuasions no longer seems so far fetched.
11/24/2016 10:45 EST

Liberals Would Rather See Trump Fail Than Lose Moral High Ground

So bad is the reflexive hatred and finger-wagging towards the next president that it now feels like they want Trump to fail. Indeed, many liberals seem downright masochistic about Trump, signalling they would rather he follow through on internment camps and other zany policies just so they can bask in their own "I told you so" posturing.
11/21/2016 12:45 EST
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I Had Lunch With A Stranger, Hours Later He Was Dead

What are the odds that you strike up a conversation with a stranger at a bar, only to visit the site of his eventual death just an hour later, a death that would happen just 10 hours later? But after finding his Facebook photo and comparing it to the news reports, I knew it was the same person.
11/11/2016 03:37 EST
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Clinton Supporters Enabled Trump's Victory

It was not just an attempt to repudiate the republican candidate; it was a message soaked in a superiority complex dressed up as political savvy and delivered by messengers who seemed to all stop taking their anxiety meds after the primary was over. They are a posse of frantic doomsday preachers whose empty rhetoric helped cement the Trump presidency, and now that he has won they are doubling down by protesting democracy itself.
11/10/2016 10:08 EST
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Gord Downie Was Wrong About Justin Trudeau

Everybody knows Trudeau is a brilliant campaigner, inspiring Canadians through a personal brand that emphasizes empathy and fairness, but his inaction on the First Nations file directly contradicts the inspirational sound bites and calls into question his government's integrity. In fact, it isn't a stretch to say that his handling of this file is as bad as the Harper government who backburnered these issues for a decade.
10/24/2016 11:47 EDT
Carlos Barria / Reuters

Clinton Vs. Trump Is A False Choice

We shrugged as the media pumped Donald Trump into our homes 24/7. We could have demanded the same coverage for Bernie Sanders, but instead we guffawed at the spectacle. We aided the media's manipulation through apathy, and now we are feigning surprise that it has come down to these two horribly flawed people. Like the war in Iraq, we just swallowed the content and acted like the coverage was simply a reflection of the reality. It wasn't. It was an invention from the start.
10/21/2016 01:57 EDT
James Di Fiore

Country Girl Moves Family Back To The Sticks

When I met the future mother of my children there was one specific quality that made me fall in love more than all the rest; Michelle was from a small town in the country. She also had a way of pointing out my big city shortsightedness. You can't teach that. You really can't.
09/23/2016 02:42 EDT
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A Hillary Clinton Victory Could Reveal A Trudeau Ready For War

Clinton will find herself tempted to flex her muscles as America's first female president, one that is seen as unafraid to take action. She's a Republican in terms of national defence, the kind that will try to make our Generation X leader abandon his progressive instincts and use his popularity to sell Canadians on the type of military adventures we are not known for.
09/06/2016 06:16 EDT
David Bastedo

Tragically Hip Curtain Call Soaked With The Tears Of A Nation

The whole country came together. Not since Terry Fox have we seen such a strong example of how a Canadian could summon so much national camaraderie among the people.... All we had to do was sing along to songs we knew by heart, allow ourselves to feel the moment, let our tears express how we felt, let our fellow Canadians know we were all in this together, and then, as a nation, say goodbye to Gord Downie. The best part is we will never really say goodbye to The Tragically Hip. As long as we have kids, camping trips, road trips, backyard barbecues, headphones and private moments, we will never have to say goodbye.
08/22/2016 11:38 EDT
Jonathan Hayward/CP

Contrast Between Photo-Op Justin And Policy Trudeau Is Night And Day

He won't talk about his government's non-progressive policies, but man does he ever look good with his shirt off. This calculation is duplicitous; it showcases an accessible leader but one with little time to get into the specifics of the policies that run counter to Trudeau's reputation of a real progressive. It is the best of Trudeau, it is the worst of Trudeau, and until his gushing fans and the complicit media start doing their jobs by demanding transparency, we will be stuck having to tolerate both.
08/18/2016 05:36 EDT
Mark Blinch / Reuters

Shame On You For Shaming A Dead Drug Addict

When he was still in office, all of these criticisms were fair game. The man was an addict, and most progressives I know understand that addiction is a mental health issue and needs to be treated as such. Nonetheless, the man was in charge of our nation's largest metropolitan, and being an addict did not absolve him from the rightful criticism he received. But then he sought treatment. And then he was diagnosed with cancer. And then he died.
08/12/2016 09:36 EDT
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I've Turned My Midlife Crisis Into A Wealth Of Opportunity

The thing is, people have never really figured out how to flip the script on the midlife crisis. They get twitchy, frantically trying to fulfill that missing piece inside with decorative pieces on the outside. It all seems so desperate, a process born out of material wants rather than a need to keep evolving as human beings.
08/08/2016 10:14 EDT