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James Riley

Founder and CEO, Kumu Agency

James Riley is the founder and Chief Digital Officer of the Kumu Agency, a full-service digital agency based in Vancouver who specialize in digital marketing, enterprise content strategy and mobile development and marketing. James has over 18 years experience based in Los Angeles, Vancouver and New York. He has been client-side at Disney, IBM and Microsoft, and at Madison Avenue agencies working with clients such as NFL, Unilever, Mercedes Benz and American Express. He is the former President and COO of which he sold to Advertising Age Magazine. Kumu's clients include NFL, Lululemon, BC Hydro and Telus.
Embracing Sustainability Can Pay Off For Your

Embracing Sustainability Can Pay Off For Your Brand

Today we know that the state of the planet affects the way we are doing business. With climate change comes risks and opportunities. We all know the risks. The opportunity for brands starts with marketing leadership, and the reward is an improved brand and reputation.
11/11/2015 02:05 EST
What Do Artists, Entrepreneurs and Environmentalists Have in

What Do Artists, Entrepreneurs and Environmentalists Have in Common?

Arianna Huffington recently tweeted a great St. Exupery quote: "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye." That truth is sort of a paradox about art. The artist is always trying to capture something they can see with their hearts, but is not necessarily seen by the naked eye
10/02/2013 03:55 EDT
What Keeps Customers

What Keeps Customers Hungry

One of the core values I learned while in marketing at the Walt Disney Company is that a guest's experience is everything. Getting your brand beyond being perceived as a commodity (price, price, price) is critical to generating real brand value. A fundamental way you get to a better experience in today's digital centric world is to provide better content that your customers are hungry for.
09/24/2013 05:18 EDT
Rescuing the Reality From Virtual

Rescuing the Reality From Virtual Reality

When the iPad came along, instead of the stylus, the new modality is touch, whether to pinch, scroll or "click." So how should a brand think about this whole "touch" revolution? Touch is a powerful and special thing. There are five easy steps to consider for both tablet and smartphone development.
08/17/2012 07:10 EDT
If You're a Business and You're Not on Mobile, You're Doing it

If You're a Business and You're Not on Mobile, You're Doing it Wrong

According to Comscore, 40 per cent of Canadians own a smartphone. You would think that brands would be scrambling to establish their mobile presence. Surprisingly, this is not the case. That so few brands have a mobile presence provides a tremendous opportunity for leadership and to be one of the few brands who do mobile well. Here are a few crucial opportunities brands are missing out on by ignoring mobile.
08/02/2012 07:54 EDT