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Jamey Heath

Communications director for Olivia Chow, who is running to be Toronto's new mayor.

Communications Director, Olivia Chow

There's Nothing Smart About Strategic Voting in the Mayoral Election

At this point in campaigns--especially absurdly long ones--pundits love to obsess about voting for someone you don't agree with to defeat someone else who is disagreeable. Some, oddly, call this strategic, as if it's really smart to vote for things you don't want. I'm with Olivia because I agree with her. And I'm not voting for Mr. Tory because I don't. That's what an election is about. And what's strategic is voting to replace the Ford agenda with something better by electing Olivia Chow mayor.
10/20/2014 12:56 EDT

Why John Tory Should Join the Circus Instead

You have to feel badly for John Tory in some ways. After months of having the contortionist field all to himself, Cirque du Soleil is back in town, giving him a run for his money on the flexibility front. I speak, of course, about the TTC's number one priority of a subway relief line.
09/03/2014 05:35 EDT
Andrew Francis Wallace via Getty Images

John Tory Will Say Anything To Finally Win

Mr. Ford and Mr. Tory share something else. Neither wants to work to the plan we have, preferring instead to draw new lines on maps. It's never easy to decipher what, precisely, Mr. Tory believes today, but it seems he no longer supports the Sheppard or Finch LRT's. And he certainly no longer supports the subway relief line that is the TTC's top priority, which is odd because getting it built allegedly propelled him to run.
07/19/2014 01:23 EDT
Steve Russell via Getty Images

John Tory's Massive Flip-Flop Proves He's Not Mayoral Material

Remember when John Tory's top priority was a subway relief line? He was so keen about building the Yonge Street Relief Line. So very keen, he often sounded like Rob Ford, demonizing Olivia for wanting a mix of above- and below-ground rail. Irrespective of expert advice, he vowed to start "immediately," because it's "job one." Ah, the clarity of yesterday, as printed in the Toronto Star on April 4: "I said at my [campaign] launch I would make the Yonge Street Relief Line priority number one. And I meant it." Not so. Now there's a new priority and faster than you can say Eurasia was never at war with Oceania, yesterday's priority is gone. Poof.
05/30/2014 12:48 EDT

What Ford Supporters Get Wrong About Olivia Chow

It's hard to know where to start with Mitch Wolfe's piece. But polling basics is as good as any. To support his random chats in coffee shops, which he says show Olivia's support eroding, he cites a Forum Research poll. All polls have a margin of error. Every poll I've seen says one thing, very clearly. Our city wants a new mayor. That's why Olivia has been able to hold three large events. The three largest events of any campaign so far. It's why online engagement with Olivia's campaign is growing exponentially. And it's why there are lots of volunteers, in all corners of the city.
04/08/2014 12:27 EDT