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Jamie Gilfoy


James Prescott Gilfoy is from Dartmouth and he’s always going on about F1 racing, taking apart watches and being a ginger-beard. You’ll probably find him either getting bitten by his naughty cat Rudiger or playing COD and cursing at the TV. Jamie has conned his way into a career in advertising and is currently communicating in a salty mix of French and English while living in Moncton.
Six Ways to Be Better on AP

Six Ways to Be Better on Facebook

Let's admit it, these days Facebook is kind of the pits. Tonnes of crappy ads. People we like in real life who post obnoxiously all the time. More crap than you know what to do with. And yet you probably still spend loads of time on it? Well, there's every chance you're part of the problem. As follows are a few ways to improve Facebook... for both yourself and your friends.
03/14/2013 05:20 EDT