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Jamie Logie

Personal trainer, nutrition & wellness coach, author, podcaster,

Jamie Logie is a personal trainer and nutrition and wellness specialist from Canada who runs <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> and the <a href="" rel="nofollow">Regained Wellness Podcast</a>. Jamie is also author of the Amazon best-selling <br> book, <em><a href="" rel="nofollow">Taking Back Your Health</a></em>. <br> He likes long walks on the beach, short walks on the beach and the movie 'Beaches'.
Is The Paleo Diet Still A

Is The Paleo Diet Still A Thing?

Paleo is definitely a lifestyle that has had enormous popularity and is also hard to call a fad since it's existed for eons. In the last few years however it escalated in popularity. You couldn't walk into a bookstore without seeing dozens of paleo based books including paleo for dogs. So since it peaked not long ago are people slowly moving away from it? Does it still have merit or have people moved on to something new?
05/29/2017 12:10 EDT
Seeking Perfection Is An Easy Way To Sabotage Your Fitness

Seeking Perfection Is An Easy Way To Sabotage Your Fitness Goals

When it comes to health and fitness, perfection is simply unattainable. Trying so will only leave you feeling frustrated, unmotivated and mad at yourself. When you focus on progress you allow yourself to acknowledge that your diet, your fitness and your overall health pursuits might not always go perfectly.
04/27/2017 11:47 EDT
11 Ways To Save Money At The Grocery

11 Ways To Save Money At The Grocery Store

As food prices continue to go up all around us it doesn't hurt to have some money saving tips in your back pocket. Incidentally, my back pocket also contains my wallet with maxed out credit cards due to those plates. There is a wide list of money saving tips for groceries but here are 11 good ones to have at your disposal.
03/30/2017 12:13 EDT
Is Your Fridge Making You

Is Your Fridge Making You Sick?

An overly full fridge can lead to warm spots and the fridge door can act in the same way. You want to avoid keeping things on the door that can spoil quickly, mainly dairy. The door is constantly opened and closed exposing it to the warm air of the room. If you're like me standing there like a zombie staring blindly for something to eat at 2 a.m those items on the door have spent too much time in the warm air. Over the course of the day, this surprisingly adds up.
03/09/2017 10:22 EST
How Many Steps A Day Should You Be

How Many Steps A Day Should You Be Taking?

We've spent a lot of time off our feet and this hasn't been the healthiest thing in the world. You might think the idea that sitting can make you sick is weird but when you realize adults are sedentary for 60 per cent of the day and the average person sits six hours a day you can see how inactive we really are.
02/24/2017 10:03 EST
9 Food Storage Tips To Help You Save

9 Food Storage Tips To Help You Save Money

This is the time of year people tend to scrimp a bit more and in conjunction with people setting health goals for the new year, I wanted to pass on some money-saving tips. These tips, however, are not food shopping or coupon saving ideas but how to save money once you've brought that food home.
01/25/2017 03:09 EST
5 New Year's Health Changes You Can Actually

5 New Year's Health Changes You Can Actually Keep

It's become commonplace to now rip on the idea of setting a New Year's resolution and the fact that you have a very good chance of not sticking with it. I used to be one of those people and I do recognize the statistics that show the chances of staying with a resolution are slim. I still believe that setting them, in a specific way, though, can still be very effective.
01/06/2017 05:07 EST
How You Can Avoid Holiday Weight

How You Can Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

If you've been on top of your health and nutrition throughout the year how do you navigate this minefield of Toblerone and gingerbread dwellings while not depriving yourself?
12/15/2016 05:39 EST
3 Benefits Of Using A Slow

3 Benefits Of Using A Slow Cooker

Any meats you use in a slow cooker allow the meat to become tender and softer allowing it to be more easily digested. Along with that, one of the key ingredients in slow cooking tends to be broth or stock.
11/22/2016 06:14 EST
4 Reasons You Need To Travel Alone At Some

4 Reasons You Need To Travel Alone At Some Point

Whether you have taken a few small trips, or just wondering what's out there, time spent traveling is one of the most important things you can do. Travel doesn't just broaden your horizons but helps you grow as a person. And if you really want to grow as a person traveling alone is the best way to accomplish that. That might seem overwhelming but let me show you 4 reasons why it can be the best thing for you.
10/28/2016 12:17 EDT
4 Reasons You Should Avoid

4 Reasons You Should Avoid Coca-Cola

Coke released Coca-Cola Life and Pepsi has Pepsi Next. Both products eliminate the use of high fructose corn syrup and use stevia as a sweetener instead of artificial sweeteners. There is somehow the confusion that just because something uses real sugar, or cane sugar that it automatically becomes like a health elixir. They're far from it.
09/29/2016 01:58 EDT
Body Weight Workouts That Get

Body Weight Workouts That Get Results

Bodyweight exercises are something that can be done anywhere, anytime and still give you a great workout without having to fight for parking spots at the gym or manoeuvre around the selfie taking crowd. Here's why bodyweight exercises can be very beneficial and a few combinations of them for a quick workout when you're in a rush.
09/23/2016 11:28 EDT
5 Ways To Stay Fit While On

5 Ways To Stay Fit While On Vacation

We are right into the swing of things with summer and many are underway with vacations and travelling. It's a good time to relax and explore but it doesn't mean you have to leave your fitness behind. Follow these tips so your trips abroad won't lead to regret once you're back home.
07/21/2016 08:48 EDT
The Advantages Of Frozen

The Advantages Of Frozen Produce

You only use what you need at the time and the rest can remain frozen. If you think of how quickly produce spoils I'd be pretty sure you've thrown away your fair share of it over the years.
06/08/2016 12:23 EDT
5 Nutrition Keys To Follow After

5 Nutrition Keys To Follow After Surgery

If you have gone through any form of surgery, have it upcoming or know someone who does getting informed on how to heal and nourish yourself after will be a huge step in helping the recovery process. To allow your body to heal efficiently and quickly you want to make nutrition a priority as I found myself having to do not long ago.
06/07/2016 01:51 EDT
4 Reasons You Need To Drink More

4 Reasons You Need To Drink More Water

Your brain needs water to function properly and if more people were hydrated there's a good chance Donald Trump would not be getting the votes that he is.
05/06/2016 11:47 EDT
5 Reasons It's Okay To Always Be On Your

5 Reasons It's Okay To Always Be On Your Phone

As much as people say our human interaction has become limited due to our use of phones the truth is when you're in an environment you can embrace, the human connection will take over. Our phones have helped bridge the gap in getting us where we want to be with the people we want to be with, whether it's concerts, restaurants, movies or sporting events. The human connection and experience is still the goal, it's just that phones help us accomplish this a little faster.
04/06/2016 11:59 EDT
3 Mindset Shifts You Need To Start Getting

3 Mindset Shifts You Need To Start Getting Fit

I've worked in fitness for a long time and I find the biggest obstacle people face when attempting to get fit is right in their own head. You start coming up with all these potential issues that are going to prevent you from getting started and making progress and that leads to self-sabotage,
02/23/2016 12:18 EST