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Jamie Logie

Personal trainer, nutrition & wellness coach, author, podcaster,

Jamie Logie is a personal trainer and nutrition and wellness specialist from Canada who runs and the Regained Wellness Podcast. Jamie is also author of the Amazon best-selling
book, Taking Back Your Health.
He likes long walks on the beach, short walks on the beach and the movie 'Beaches'.
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How To Choose The Best Personal Trainer

You don't need a personal trainer or coach to get fit and healthy, but it sure does help. This is why elite level athletes and Olympians need trainers and coaches, their work ethic is second to none but at some point guidance, motivation and the ability to progress is required.
01/27/2016 12:54 EST
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The Dangers Of Health Obsession

Health obsession might not seem like a bad thing, but when a person is reaching the point that they have created stress over missing a certain healthy food item, or that they had to cut their gym session short, they might be heading in the wrong direction in regards to finding true wellness.
10/28/2015 08:04 EDT