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Jamie Shea

Co-founder of Chef's Plate

Jamie Shea is a Co-Founder of Chef's Plate, an online meal kit delivery service in Canada focused on making cooking fun, easy and affordable. Chef’s Plate delivers all the fresh, pre-portioned ingredients and easy step-by-step recipes directly to consumers' doors, allowing them to prepare a delicious and nutritious meal in 30 minutes or less.

Jamie Shea co-founded the company with Patrick Meyer, a long-time friend and classmate of the Queen’s School of Business after starting his career working at Cara, the largest restaurant operator in Canada.
5 Food Trends Millennials Are Developing A Taste

5 Food Trends Millennials Are Developing A Taste For

Millennials didn't grow up in an environment where they sat beside mom while she made dinner, so many don't have the skills and confidence to prepare delicious and nutritious meals themselves. That means that an entire generation picked up food skills from alternative sources, with delicious results. The rising creativity from Millennials is not only inspired by DIY cooking shows but also an unfettered access to global cuisine, which is constantly inspiring them to try something new and push boundaries in the kitchen.
02/22/2016 12:02 EST