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Jamie Spilchuk


Jamie has spent the last 4 years bouncing between Toronto and Los Angeles. You've probably recognized Jamie on shows such as: Being Erica on CBC; Flashpoint on CTV; Suits on USA Network; and Transporter on HBO. In the last year he has also completed 3 films: A Fish Story, And Now a Word From our Sponsor and just recently, The Birder, a comedy starring Tom Cavanagh, Fred Willard and Graham Greene. Oh yeah, and sometimes he's running into a poor guy who can't seem to get any cell service. Jamie is currently starring as Cameron Cahill in the television drama series Hard Rock Medical.
Hard Rock Medical: From Paintbrush to Shutterstock

Hard Rock Medical: From Paintbrush to Scalpel

Cameron has an obsession with, a passion for, and an addiction to art. So when he enters med-school for the first time, he is coming at it with a very specific knowledge of anatomy. This gives a beautiful palette of emotions and circumstances to draw from as an actor.
07/25/2013 05:27 EDT