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Jan Wong

Jan Wong is a professor of journalism at St. Thomas University, a monthly columnist at Toronto Life magazine and a weekly columnist for the Halifax Chronicle Herald, one of Canada’s last independent, family-owned newspapers. Her latest bestseller, Out of the Blue -- a Memoir of Workplace Depression, Recovery, Redemption and, Yes, Happiness, was self-published in May 2012.
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When Did Paying Cash To Drug Dealers Become a Newsroom Priority?

Chequebook journalism distracts from the core duty of reporting the news. Instead of publishing a story about the existence of the video, the Star's editors haggled over the price of possessing it. In an era of layoffs and demoralized newsrooms, paying cash to drug dealers is not in the public interest. We don't need more photos of Rob Ford with a crack pipe. We need money for gathering news.
05/07/2014 08:30 EDT