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Jane Blaufus

Author and Professional Speaker

Jane Blaufus is an Author, Professional Speaker and Coach." Her book, WITH THE [STROKE] OF A PEN, Claim your life shares her personal story, struggles and lessons learned following the unexpected death of her first husband. She has been featured on the CTV National News Channel, CBC’s Lang and O’Leary Exchange, CHCH Morning Live, New Talk 1010 and CTV News at Noon.

Courageous Conversations

What if I told you that we usually reach adulthood without a realistic sense of our family's finances and are not having the necessary 'courageous conversations' about money because information-based...
09/25/2017 17:00 EDT
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6 Tips To Come Out On Top At The End Of The Year

When one is in business it can sometimes feel like you are on a desert island; alone, adrift and not quite certain what the escape plan should be. What used to seem like plenty of time nine months ago is now a case of, "Holy you-know-what! I only have less than three months left of the year!" and one or more of the following issues is raising their ugly head
10/26/2016 03:38 EDT
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What Can A Businessperson Learn From The 2016 Masters?

I think just about everyone thought that Jordan Spieth (including Jordan himself) was going to win his second Masters and become part of golf history this past weekend. That was until the 12th hole and the longest thirty minutes of a young man's life. As the world watched him struggle on the back nine and make a valiant attempt to recover, some parallels between golf and business struck me.
04/14/2016 12:19 EDT
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Tips for Getting Your Business Back on Track for Fall

One of the things that entrepreneurs often find challenging during the summer is staying focused and on track. Many have confessed to me that one day off for a break led to two, which led to three, which led to weeks off in some cases. Now, they are dreading trying to get the engine up and running again so that September is not a write-off.
09/03/2015 05:40 EDT

Have You Lost That Loving Feeling For Your Own Business?

Being in business reminds me of dating and marriage. When you are first considering going into business for yourself, I liken it to the dating phase. When you decide to take that leap of faith, explore the opportunity thoroughly, decide it is right for you and walk down the aisle to open your business it is akin to taking that next step and making a long-term commitment.
02/05/2015 05:26 EST
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How to Support Someone Grieving Over the Holidays

While for many the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, for others, they are dreading the oncoming festivities because they may mark the 1st, 5th or 50th season without a loved one. No matter what denomination they are or what holiday they celebrate, there is one common factor that binds all of them together: someone they loved is gone.
12/04/2014 06:03 EST

Illness Can Strike at Any Time -- Insure Your Savings

If you suffered a critical illness and if money were no object, I am sure all of us would spend every last dime we had to recover and get on with our lives. Sadly, most of us are not in such a position. Therefore, where would one get the money if there were no bottomless money pouch available? Here are some ways you can use critical illness insurance to fill a financial void.
03/05/2014 12:18 EST
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Make 2014 the Year You Commit to Getting Financially Fit and Healthy

This New Year as you make your resolutions, commit to making one that will get you healthy and fit -- financially. While setting personal resolutions have become second nature, the New Year should also be the time each of us sits down with family. Talk about what your financial goals are in 2014 and what you need to have in place to ensure that your family is protected and aware.
12/30/2013 04:43 EST
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Do Your Future Self a Favour and Plan for the Worst

When someone becomes critically ill, it can become very difficult or next to impossible for them to do the day-to-day things they need to in order to run a successful business. However, all is not doom and gloom, there is a solution to this situation but it needs to be in place before someone becomes critically ill not after and it is called critical illness insurance.
12/02/2013 05:28 EST

Some Things You May Not Know About Remembrance Day

I have only stood on a bridge once and it was one of the most gut wrenching scenes I have ever witnessed. Ironically, years later I ended up in a tow truck having my car towed into the dealership and when I looked at a picture on the dashboard of the drivers truck, it was a picture of the solider I had silently offered a prayer for on that bridge.
11/08/2013 06:00 EST

Everything I'm Thankful For This Year

As I plan the menu for Sunday's meal and gaze out the window at the leaves turning their brilliant red, orange and yellow colours I cannot help but think how lucky I am for the life I live and it turned my thoughts to what I am thankful for.
10/12/2013 07:55 EDT
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The One Relationship Everyone Should Have

When my husband walked out of the house one Sunday morning and a police officer walked up my driveway later to inform me he had been killed in an accident, one of the most important relationships in my life was forever changed. Little did I know, that another relationship I had been building over time was about to become one of the most important in my entire lifetime, the relationship with my financial advisor.
09/23/2013 05:10 EDT

September: Life Insurance Awareness Month

This weekend a piece of Ontario history burned to the ground with the overnight loss of the St. Jacob's farmer's market. Ironically, my husband and I had just been there the afternoon before and it ha...
09/04/2013 04:48 EDT

Setting Your University Student Up for a Successful School Year

What if I told you that children usually reach adulthood without a realistic sense of a family's finances and are not having the necessary 'courageous conversations' about money because information-based money discussions are considered off-limits? Whether they are a new student or returning for another year, here are four tips to help set your child up for a successful school year.
08/18/2013 11:16 EDT