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Jane Dummer

Registered Dietitian, Author and Food Consultant

Jane Dummer, RD (, is a leading dietitian and food consultant in North America. Jane is an author, speaker, researcher, mentor and food traveler.
Healthy Lifestyle Hacks For Busy baona via Getty Images

Healthy Lifestyle Hacks For Busy Entrepreneurs

With many functions to attend and restaurant options during business travel, I need to be wary of over-consuming. If I'm at a hotel for more than two nights, I ensure there is an in-room fridge or mini-kitchen so I don't have to rely on restaurant food and large portion sizes. This works well for me.
05/16/2017 02:44 EDT
Go Green This Winter With An Edible Indoor robynmac via Getty Images

Go Green This Winter With An Edible Indoor Garden

Just because a blanket of snow covers the ground doesn't mean you have to stop gardening this winter. I've brought my love for gardening inside with an indoor edible garden. There are many herbs, vegetables, fruits and edible plants you can easily grow indoors. They are just like us -- they need water, air, nutrients and light to flourish.
01/16/2017 11:56 EST
3 Healthy Diet Tips To Leren Lu via Getty Images

3 Healthy Diet Tips To Remember

Nutrition can be a complex subject with many factors and variables influencing health and disease. Despite consumer trends moving towards a more balanced approach to nutrition, rates of obesity and type 2 diabetes are still on the rise in Canada and the United States. To decrease your chances of developing chronic lifestyle diseases, let's explore my top three diet tips that will help you stay on track with your healthy living strategy.
09/21/2016 01:12 EDT
How To Stay Healthy Over The Ivanko_Brnjakovic via Getty Images

How To Stay Healthy Over The Summer

We wait all year for long summer days filled with BBQs, pool parties, cottage weekends and food festivals. But these endless social events can have you overindulging in food and drink more than any other time of year. So how can you stay healthy over the summer? We asked our experts for their advice.
07/19/2016 10:14 EDT
Can Seaweed Benefit Your Health and Boris Ryzhkov via Getty Images

Can Seaweed Benefit Your Health and Well-Being?

Since celebrity chef Jamie Oliver credited his recent weight loss to sleep and seaweed, I've been asked many questions about the popular sea veggie. Originally a delicacy in many Asian countries, seaweed is gaining international popularity. There are over 20 types of edible seaweed and even more are being discovered.
09/15/2015 12:17 EDT
Peaches Are the Ultimate Taste of mccun934 via Getty Images

Peaches Are the Ultimate Taste of Summer

With a bounty of beautiful, ripe peaches available, often people think of desserts and jam recipes. Each season I make peach melba and peach cobbler. However, peaches offer an interesting texture, colour and flavour that go beyond desserts, making smoothies, sangria, appetizers, entrees and snacks delicious.
07/22/2015 05:02 EDT
How to Fuel Your Body Before and After Jupiterimages

How to Fuel Your Body Before and After Gardening

Did you know that gardening is not only good for the environment, but it also promotes both mind and body health? Just like the soil and plants in the garden, we need to make sure we are adequately fueled and hydrated. Before or after a few hours of planting flowers and pulling weeds, I recommend these two simple, delicious go-to recipes to help keep you energized all day long.
05/19/2015 05:33 EDT
Five Steps to Better Digestive Daniel Grill via Getty Images

Five Steps to Better Digestive Health

Spring is the perfect time to refresh and renew with simple steps towards better digestive health. The body constantly requires adaptation in response to related periods of life, the change of seasons, as well as everyday environmental and lifestyle factors. I'm thrilled to share with you my top five steps to refresh and renew your digestive system this spring season.
04/20/2015 05:50 EDT
Sorghum: The New Must-have Gluten-free Ancient Dusty Pixel photography via Getty Images

Sorghum: The New Must-have Gluten-free Ancient Grain

Why is sorghum the new must-have ancient grain for your menu? In addition to being gluten-free, sorghum is a non-GMO, nutrient-dense whole grain with a variety of culinary applications. The whole grain is small and behaves similarly to seeds such as quinoa but with less fat. It also has a neutral colour, a chewy texture, and a slightly sweet flavour, making it suitable for a range of recipes.
03/17/2015 06:32 EDT
Five Foods to Keep You Energized This pilipphoto via Getty Images

Five Foods to Keep You Energized This Winter

If you're feeling down, lift yourself up with salmon. It's packed with protein, which is an essential nutrient for energy and building muscle. Plus, it contains vitamin D, which is necessary for immune and mental health. We synthesize vitamin D via our skin from exposure to sunlight.
01/18/2015 08:32 EST
Three Holiday Foods to Boost Immune Deborah Pendell via Getty Images

Three Holiday Foods to Boost Immune Health

You may think it's more difficult to be healthy over the holiday season, but many of your favourite holiday foods are stuffed with nutrition. When you practice portion control and tweak preparation techniques, you'll cruise through the season with the health benefits and energy to fight off any germs lurking on the scene. Here are three immune-boosting holiday foods to include on your menu all season long.
12/03/2014 12:47 EST
How To Enjoy Pumpkins All Year

How To Enjoy Pumpkins All Year Round

When you think of pumpkins, you probably envision jack-o-lanterns or holiday pies! You're not alone. However, pumpkins are more than just fun Halloween decorations or fall desserts. Let's start with n...
10/01/2014 04:51 EDT
Five Back-to-School Snacks That You'll Love Getty

Five Back-to-School Snacks That You'll Love Too

Smart snacking can be a valuable part of a healthy food plan. Choosing nutritious snacks keeps blood sugar levels stable and helps fuel the mind and body all day long at school and work. At this busy time of year, let's explore five smart snack ideas using food you already have in your kitchen.
08/28/2014 08:25 EDT