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Jane Macdougall

Columnist, Writer, founder

Jane Macdougall was born and raised in Vancouver. She knows a thing or two about fog, too, as she used to do the weather for BCTV. She's a regular contributor to several publications, including a weekly column for the National Post.

Awareness, Better Winter Coat Are Part Of Pedestrian Safety

Each year in B.C., about 65 pedestrians don't survive a collision with a vehicle. My sister-in-law was one of the lucky ones. Lucky, if you count spending two months in hospital, having a steel plate in your leg, and requiring a cane to walk, as luck.
02/21/2014 02:03 EST
Darryl Dyck/CP

Foghorns Of Vancouver Awaken Childhood Memories

It wreaks its usual havoc, fog does. Commutes are complicated; flights are delayed; things get wet. So surprisingly wet. But many of us are delighted, for with the fog, comes the foghorn. The foghorn! The low, baying sound of a Vancouver from an earlier time is back. And with it, so many of our childhood memories.
01/31/2014 05:35 EST