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Jane Shapiro

Senior Vice President, Hill + Knowlton Strategies Canada

Jane Shapiro has 30 years of experience in corporate, consulting and government environments. Jane has helped manage crisis situations for clients in the education, energy, food, agribusiness, biotechnology and financial services sectors, including product recalls, plant closures and legal actions. She has developed crisis manuals for a diverse range of clients and led crisis simulation exercises to test the performance of crisis teams. She is a frequent speaker on issues and crisis management.
Lac-Megantic Was a PR Lesson in What Not to Getty

Lac-Megantic Was a PR Lesson in What Not to Do

There is a consensus among PR commentators that the rail company at the centre of the Lac-Megantic tragedy violated basic crisis communications principles. Among them, executives from the Montreal Maine & Atlantic Railway failed to: arrive on the scene quickly; empathize with those affected; and, acknowledge responsibility for their role in the tragedy. How could the company have gotten it so wrong?
07/18/2013 05:33 EDT