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Janelle Marie Baker

PhD Candidate, Anthropology, McGill University

Janelle Marie Baker is an Academ-Hick and PhD candidate in anthropology at McGill University. Her doctoral research on Cree perspectives on wild food contamination in Alberta's oil sands region and is based on eight years of consulting for First Nations on traditional land use assessments. She is a Vanier Scholar, MISC Warren Fellow, CFUW CHEA Fellow, and ISE Darrell Posey Fellow. She is the student board member for the Society of Ethnobiology. She blogs at: and tweets @janellemariebkr
Our Northern Blind

Our Northern Blind Spot

There is a tart and nutritious berry available to us from the nordic forests of Sweden. The lingonberry. You can walk into
09/16/2014 04:39 EDT
The Benefits of Being an

The Benefits of Being an Academ-Hick

I grew up on a subsistence farm in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies near Sundre, Alberta. That's right, west of the 22, for the Albertans reading this. Cue the banjo music. My family has a trapline and none of them have been to university. I often get asked how the heck I ended up as an academic. There are some benefits to being an Academ-Hick.
03/20/2014 05:23 EDT