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Janelle Vandergrift

Policy Analyst, Citizens for Public Justice

Janelle Vandergrift is a Socio-Economic Policy Analyst with Citizens for Public Justice in Ottawa, Canada.
We Are Citizens, Not Just Shutterstock / Gunnar Pippel

We Are Citizens, Not Just Taxpayers

You know what they say: nothing is certain but death and taxes. But perhaps the negative assumptions behind this common saying deserve some second thought. Instead of rolling our eyes and gritting our teeth, let's consider how our tax dollars contribute to the common good as citizens first.
05/29/2015 09:35 EDT
We Need Real Action, Not Just Talk About Poverty In webphotographeer via Getty Images

We Need Real Action, Not Just Talk About Poverty In Canada

Today is the World Day of Social Justice. Who among us would disagree with such a concept? The term social justice has become commonplace and tends to go down pretty easy. But what if it goes down a bit too easily? Do we just hear the word, make a mental check mark, and move on? Are we more concerned with saying the right things than actually changing our actions? As citizens of a democracy, we have both the right and responsibility to make a difference in the policies and actions of our government.
02/19/2015 05:23 EST
Why Poor People Can't Just Dale Hogan via Getty Images

Why Poor People Can't Just "Get a Job"

In truth, a good job is a way out of poverty. There are many who long for meaningful work that will give them a chance to contribute to society and earn a decent paycheque. But, it's more complicated than we might think. There are some key reasons why employment isn't the only answer.
06/25/2014 12:53 EDT
Banks Should Offer No-Fee Accounts To All Poor Elena Eliachevitch via Getty Images

Banks Should Offer No-Fee Accounts To All Poor Canadians

The accounts, not to be implemented until 2015, are only for low-income seniors and youth. These banks should extend this benefit to the large number of Canadians between the ages of 18 and 65 who are also currently living in poverty. It is critical that services for low-income people are universal and not create divisions between the deserving and the un-deserving poor.
06/05/2014 01:00 EDT