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Janice McKendrick

Professor, University of Prince Edward Island

Janice McKendrick is the founding Director for Academic Gig and the Centre for Public Policy & Knowledge. She teaches in both the Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Education at the University of Prince Edward Island, Canada. She is widely recognized for her professional contributions in health, education and literacy, and her interdisciplinary research in public policy and law. Most recently, Ms. McKendrick began engaging the corporate sector in learning how to apply innovative theoretical research to practical workplace applications. Academically, McKendrick possesses a Master of Arts in Island Studies. She majored in English and Political Science in her undergraduate studies and holds a Public Administration diploma.
Let's Remember the Real Victim in Greyhound Beheading CP

Let's Remember the Real Victim in Greyhound Beheading Case

Vincent Li, the schizophrenic man who decapitated Tim Maclean on a Greyhound bus in 2008, met with the Manitoba Criminal Review Board on Monday for his case to be reviewed. Most likely Li will be given access into the community and in the months ahead, he will obtain eventual freedom. Meanwhile, legislators have unfortunately looked the other way.
05/17/2012 05:14 EDT