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Janice Tomich

Executive Speaker Coach

Janice Tomich believes anyone can become an engaging public speaker - it‘s a muscle that needs to be flexed and challenged for it to grow. She holds a Bachelor of Professional Communication degree from Royal Roads University. Janice is the founder of Calculated Presentations; a communication firm that helps professionals and executives improve their communication skills, create winning presentations and deliver powerful messages to boards, investors, employees, or the marketplace.

Janice works with TED and TEDx speakers getting them prepared to share their “Ideas Worth Spreading”. As a founding member of TEDxKids@BC, a college instructor, and board director with Dan's Legacy, she is inspired by the stories everyone has, many that are simply waiting to be told.

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Memorizing Your Next Presentation Can Sabotage Your Daniel Grizelj via Getty Images

Memorizing Your Next Presentation Can Sabotage Your Efforts

Have you noticed the difference between a presenter who has memorized their presentation word for word and one who riffs off key points? There is a big difference. In fact, it's obvious. The first sounds like the speaker is reading from a script and the delivery is stilted -- a little too slick. The latter sounds confident, relaxed and strangely more in control.
03/01/2016 02:43 EST