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Janis Irwin

Feminist, Educator, New Democrat

Janis Irwin is passionate about communities, education, and social justice. She's a proven leader with extensive experience in a number of roles, including as a high school teacher, vice principal, university lecturer, and civil servant.

Currently, Janis manages Alberta's senior high social studies curriculum. She has a bachelor's degree in education from the University of Alberta, a master's degree in educational from the University of Calgary, and is in pursuit of a PhD in secondary education at the University of Alberta. Janis has presented her work at various provincial, national, and international conferences.

An advocate for active, engaged citizenship, Janis believes strongly in serving her community. She volunteers with a number of organizations, including the Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers, Islamic Family and Social Services Association, and the Abundant Communities Initiative. She also serves on the boards of the Edmonton-Highlands-Norwood NDP, the Somali Canadian Women & Children Association, the Highlands Historical Society, and the Alberta NDP Women’s Caucus.

Janis is committed to electing more women at all levels of politics. She took on this mission personally through a hard-fought run as a candidate in the riding of Edmonton Griesbach during the 2015 federal election. Janis continues to work to engage women in politics by encouraging women to run for office at every chance she gets.
The Thickest Of Skins Won't Stop A

The Thickest Of Skins Won't Stop A Bullet

The senseless killing of British MP Jo Cox is "a manifestation of a coarseness in our politics and hatred toward the other that we must not tolerate." That from American politician Gabby Giffords, herself the target of an assassination attempt. We must do better. We must hold each other to account. We must condemn threats against women in politics, because the death of Jo Cox shows what can happen when threats are actualized. We must not let threatening, misogynistic, or hateful discourse online or elsewhere go unopposed. We must not let hate win and we must not let people try to tell us that we cannot be better.
06/17/2016 09:18 EDT
Gender Parity In Politics Can't Wait Another 100

Gender Parity In Politics Can't Wait Another 100 Years

At the provincial level, three provinces are led by women, including Premier Rachel Notley in Alberta. Women make up 53 per cent of our province's cabinet ministers. In 2006, it was a mere 11 per cent. So, in a decade, that's progress. Federally, as in Alberta, cabinet is gender-balanced, a move that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau justified with the now oft-quoted "because it's 2015." Yet, in 2016, it must be noted that only 26 per cent of seats in the House of Commons are held by women. So, why is it that the lack of gender parity remains so pronounced in most levels of government across Canada?
04/18/2016 09:48 EDT
A Convention To

A Convention To Remember

I'll remember the absolute grace and humility with which Tom Mulcair addressed the crowd following the vote, calling on us to leave the convention strong and united, and to focus on continuing to be the party that dreams no small dreams.
04/12/2016 11:33 EDT
At Federal Convention, And Beyond, Let's Move Our Party

At Federal Convention, And Beyond, Let's Move Our Party Forward

We can, moving forward, outline a clear vision of who we are, what we stand for, and what we can truly offer to Canadians... I want to know how we -- New Democrats -- will do better and I want these plans grounded in evidence-based policy reflective of our values. And I want for our members to chart the course of our party, not for what might be popular at the time or what might gain support in the short-term to guide our decisions.
04/09/2016 05:12 EDT