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Jarrah Hodge

Feminist blogger

Jarrah is a feminist blogger from Vancouver, B.C. She graduated from UBC with a B.A. in Women’s Studies and Sociology and now works in communications.

Jarrah started her award-winning feminist blog Gender Focus in 2009 and has also written blog series for Bitch Magazine, the Vancouver Observer, and About-Face. She’s a fan of politics, crafts, boardgames, musical theatre, and brunch and you can find her on Twitter @jarrahpenguin.
Crap, I'm Ineligible for Public

Crap, I'm Ineligible for Public Office

We have to call bullshit on those who think something like talking about masturbation or being in a sexy photo is shameful or even relevant to holding the vast majority of public offices.
07/29/2014 06:38 EDT
Where Is The Love In Social

Where Is The Love In Social Struggle?

When B.C. filmmaker Velcrow Ripper started making Occupy Love in 2009, some of his activist friends weren't sure what to make of his questions. How can the crises we're facing socially, economically and environmentally become - of all things - a love story? But as he continued to film social movements from the Arab Spring to the European Summer, Occupy Wall Street and environmental movements, he started seeing a shift, with more and more people responding: "Of course it's a love story."
05/02/2013 12:51 EDT
Putting Off Pap Tests 'Isn't Worth The

Putting Off Pap Tests 'Isn't Worth The Risk'

Pap Awareness Week runs Oct. 22 to 28 and Nanaimo resident Shawnna Taylor is taking the opportunity to remind all B.C. women to get a Pap test when they need it. Taylor, 30, learned the importance of Pap testing the hard way. When she was 28, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer after having gone seven years without a Pap test.
10/22/2012 02:13 EDT
Calling It

Calling It "Bullying" Doesn't Do Amanda Todd Justice

Calling Amanda Todd's case "bullying" or even "cyberbullying" doesn't do it justice. "Bullying" erases specific social factors and makes it seem like something that you age out of. Adding the "cyber" prefix doesn't necessarily make it more accurate.
10/14/2012 01:23 EDT
Leggo My

Leggo My Leggings!

My big problem with the leggings ban is it places the blame onto girls for being "distracting" instead of onto those who might be getting "distracted" spending all their time ogling the girls. The fact that no comparable rules were set out for boys shows that they think it's up to girls to uphold their own honour and fend off advances.
04/30/2012 12:01 EDT
Sexism Skating on Thin

Sexism Skating on Thin Ice

The World Championships of figure skating start on Wednesday, but figure skating's gender roles are running far behind the times. Women skaters were forced to wear skirts in competition until recently, and the women's long program is thirty seconds shorter than the men's, which has real implications in terms of the scoring.
03/26/2012 12:16 EDT
Do Edgy Heart and Stroke Foundation Ads Go Too

Do Edgy Heart and Stroke Foundation Ads Go Too Far?

When you're a non-profit trying to raise awareness of a major health issue, it makes sense to think outside the box. That's the approach the Heart and Stroke Foundation has taken in its new "Make Death Wait" ad campaign. But to me the disembodied male voice sounded like a stalker.
11/17/2011 10:46 EST
Canadian Pro-Lifers Take a Page From Tea Party's

Canadian Pro-Lifers Take a Page From Tea Party's Book

One of the most insulting aspects of this Campaign Life push to defund abortion is the idea that Canadians are too stupid to figure out that abortion is far cheaper for our health care system than forcing women to carry unwanted pregnancies to term.
09/15/2011 09:10 EDT
What We Learned From the Amp Radio Breast Implant

What We Learned From the Amp Radio Breast Implant Contest

Many contestants in AMP Radio's "Breast Summer Ever" contest challenged the idea that cosmetic breast surgery is always something women to do conform to a beauty ideal and please men. Maybe the contestant who most challenged that idea was the eventual winner, Avery -- a trans woman.
07/21/2011 04:20 EDT
Is There a Wrong Way to Get Women Into

Is There a Wrong Way to Get Women Into Politics?

The very argument that women are innately good at nurturing is anti-feminist. It's actually the same argument that's been used to keep women out of politics, making sure that when mothers run for office they get questioned about how they're making sure their children are taken care of.
07/02/2011 06:36 EDT