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Jason Au

Calgary Kumon Instructor

Jason Au is a Kumon Instructor at two Calgary Kumon Centres, working closely with his older brother, Rico Au. The pair has served as Kumon Instructors for more than 900 subjects of enrollments at their two locations in NE and SW Calgary.

While the duo has been Kumon Instructors since 2009, their Kumon journey started back in 1995 when they first began learning as Kumon students. Prior to becoming Instructors, the brothers worked at three different Kumon centres as Kumon Assistants over the span of ten years. In this time, they learned the program and honed their skills in working with children of all ages. Combining their experiences as a past Kumon student with their understanding of the Kumon program and philosophy, the pair is experienced in empowering children in their learning journey, helping to shape independent learners in students of all ages.

Both graduated from the University of Calgary, Jason graduated with a BA in Communications Studies, with a concentration in Rhetoric and Discourse with honours with distinction.

Prior to his Kumon career, Jason worked as a marketing and communications professional specializing in media and public relations.