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Jason Lietaer

Political communicator and strategist


What CEOs can Learn from Left-Wing Think-Tanks

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) put on a clinic in public and media relations when it released its report on CEO pay. While many of the titans of commerce were heli-skiing, jetboating, or lounging on private islands, the CCPC had the news media mostly to itself. And boy did it capitalize.
01/04/2012 04:45 EST

Canada: Time for a Little Humblebragging, Eh?

We look around the world and see protests and threats of state bankruptcies in Europe, persistent unemployment and debt crises in the U.S., and even worries of a slowdown in China. But Canada keeps chugging along.
12/01/2011 12:03 EST

McGuinty's Throne Speech: Campaign Left, Govern Right

The fact that the Liberals are starting down the road of talking about the fiscal mess in Ontario (or at least saying they are) is a good sign. But what most reasonable people wonder is: you're just noticing this now?
11/23/2011 12:52 EST

Ontario's October Surprise(s)

Frank Klees' decision to run for Ontario Speaker had the effect of handing over that seat, but there was a catch. They had to get their people to stand down in the race for Speaker. If even one Liberal MPP were to run, it throws the Klees bombshell into doubt. Can he still win? We will see.
10/26/2011 02:54 EDT