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Jason Najum

Freelance writer, editor, opinion columnist

Jason Najum is a freelance writer and editor at HeadSpace His work has been featured in the Montreal Gazette and he is author of Delusion of Grandeur, a personal essay and cultural critique available on Amazon. His goal is to bring a fresh perspective and deeper look to today's issues.
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Syrian Conflict Leaves Us With Nothing But Hope

I write this with the crippling cries of a small child playing in my earphones, nerve gas choking him literally to death, his desperate rasping gasps for breath ringing in my ears and unnerving my insides, his agony repeating over and over in the background as a foaming espresso machine steams beside me at the counter.
04/06/2017 09:01 EDT
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Donald Trump And The American Dream

It seems that a dangerous brew has been boiling. A national origin-story based on "making it", mixed with a constructed and prideful sense of Us, as a separate and often superior entity from Them. It's everywhere. A lifetime of God Bless America and American Exceptionalism and Leader of the Free World. A media and culture forever sprinkled with waving flags and geocentric self-regard. A hell-yeah awesomeness that you just can't find anywhere else but in the good ol' US of A.
01/20/2017 04:04 EST
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Why Haven't There Been More Protests Like Colin Kaepernick's?

Over the last few years there has been a steady stream of disturbing videos showing minorities being gunned down by the people meant to protect them, most without any sort of criminal consequences for the shooter. Add all this to the horrible history of racism in America and it's no wonder that someone from that community would want to take a stand. Yet it happens so rarely.
09/01/2016 12:41 EDT
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Defend Milo Yiannopoulos Even If You Don't Want To

Free speech, we say, is a principle we will defend to the death. Until perhaps we don't agree with what has been said. Then, suddenly, we are able to find very valid reasons to rationalize ourselves away from a supposed absolute value. Cases like Yiannopoulos' push our proclaimed moral positions up against the wall, compelling us to confront our human tendency towards personal bias. And that's why they are so interesting.
07/25/2016 12:41 EDT

On Ashley Graham And Sports Illustrated's Idea Of "Progress"

Companies with long histories of not giving a shit suddenly taking the high-road gives me the creeps. Reminds me of a guy volunteering at UNICEF just to get laid. For decades you bombard us with impossible standards and superficiality, making us believe that we need to be thinner, poutier, sexier, helping push our culture to historic levels eating disorders and social anxiety, saddling our women with insecurities and our men with jaded expectations. And now you care?
02/18/2016 05:37 EST
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This Christmas, Let's Spend Money On Things That Matter

When was the exact moment that Christmas became synonymous with buying stuff I do not know, but it seems that we've reached a point of gifting no-return. The idea of simply spending Christmas with your family without the obligatory spending and consumption is not even a possibility. If you're an average person living in a Western nation you can be pretty confident that your intended gift-receiver already has everything he or she needs and most likely lives a year where their other superfluous wants are often met.
12/23/2015 11:16 EST

We Are All To Blame For The Continuous Acts Of Terrorism

When something terrible continues to happen, over and over, all of us are to blame. By allowing news outlets to turn these seminal events into cheap sensationalism, by believing that changing your profile pic equals action, by not resisting old ways of thinking nor doing whatever you can to open eyes, by not demanding better of your country or culture.
11/23/2015 12:39 EST
NY Mag

My Attitude Towards Bill Cosby's Accusers Revealed I'm Sexist

We didn't want to believe it. Not him. Politicians. Athletes. But not Dr. Huxtable. Please. Bill Cosby meant a lot to so many of us, a big part of why we were so slow to pass judgement. For those growing up in the 1960s and 1970s he was a clean cut comedian doing things the right way.
08/13/2015 05:36 EDT
Jason Najum

Remembering My Mother, a Woman Who Deserved So Much More

My mother missed her children's weddings. Missed the birth of her grandchild. In that grand balance up in the sky, measuring who gave and who took, my mother's ledger is a study of injustice. I doubt there has ever been an adult soul who took less, whose footprint was lighter. She never harmed or blasphemed or burdened; she was not perfect, but her faults were small and were her own, never imposing them on others. She deserved more. A lot more.
05/10/2015 07:46 EDT

Single or In Love? The Absurd Valentine's Day Dilemma

Despite feeling forced to mention how the following may be a cliché, that faraway grass does often seem greener and most things do indeed have both pros and cons. Some days it's going to suck, whichever is your personal lot. And on other days your situation will shine bright.
02/14/2015 11:38 EST
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The Real Reason Super Bowl Ads Switched From Sexual To Deeply Emotional

Let's take a moment to think about why the industry decided to go in this positive and thoughtful direction. And there, I'm done. Marketing grads, I'm sorry to say this aloud but it was not because the powers that be suddenly realized that they should use their influence for good. It's because the industry realized -- and by realize I mean spent millions of dollars studying how the public is reacting to their constant stream of marketing tactics -- that as a culture we are tired of the same old fluffy tricks. We pay for HBO. We recycle. We need more.
02/05/2015 08:40 EST
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In the wake of Charlie Hebdo, we should ask uncomfortable questions

"The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice." Martin Luther King is famed for using this quote during the civil rights movement. I love it. But more than justice which can sometimes never be had, I think it bends towards progress. Things eventually do change. So ask difficult questions. Have uncomfortable conversations. Things can and will change, but not on their own. Every step forward was made of million tiny struggles. The arc bends towards progress, but it's us that must bend it.
01/16/2015 05:25 EST
Paper Magazine

How Kim Kardashian's Booty Pic Is Helping Women Everywhere

My newsfeed is littered with concerns of body image, equal pay for equal work, and why women are still underrepresented in books and film. When someone pulls a cheap publicity stunt they may indeed receive the attention they so badly desire, but the net result to society is no longer necessarily a negative. We have come far enough that with every empty and ridiculous action you actually help push things along.
11/20/2014 08:09 EST