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Jason Sutherland

Assistant Professor, Centre for Health Services and Policy Research, University of British Columbia


Will This Hospital Funding Plan Improve Health Care Ontario?

Over the next three years, the Ontario government plans to begin partially funding hospitals based on the number of patients they treat and the quality of care they provide. It's an ambitious plan that could fall flat or set a new global benchmark. No country has yet managed to set a price on high-quality care.
05/28/2013 05:19 EDT

The Real Reason Canada is Short on Hospital Beds

Canada has over 70,000 hospital beds and spends more than $47 billion a year on hospital care, yet accessing these beds when they're needed most remains an important public health concern. Many hospital beds are being used by patients who no longer require the specialized equipment or nursing care provided by a hospital. So what's the solution?
09/05/2012 08:16 EDT