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Jay Bradley

Wellness, Anti-Aging and Lifestyle Coach

Jay Bradley has been a lifestyle, anti-aging and wellness coach for over a decade. Jay believes that in order for all of us to look and feel our best, we must start from the inside out by releasing fears, blocks, and obstacles while also taking full control of the outside with our health, lifestyle, and overall appearance. His coaching techniques are a result of his own life experience - going from chronically sick, bullied and a depressed teenager to an international model, actor and lifestyle coach.

Jay has recently written a book called Live Look Feel, a transformative and easy-to-follow guide for taking action to achieve positive change across all aspects of life. Live Look Feel is now available on
10 Lifestyle Tips to Help You Look and Feel shutterstock

10 Lifestyle Tips to Help You Look and Feel Younger

Many of us will admit that we want to look younger. Almost all of us want to live longer provided we do it with zest, happiness, and good health! All this talk about anti-aging and wellness can be overwhelming at times. Is there a simple way to turn back the clock and get more bang for our buck while we're here?
07/18/2015 08:35 EDT