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Jay Ferguson

Guitarist, Sloan

Sloan is four distinct songwriting voices — guitarists Patrick Pentland and Jay Ferguson, bassist Chris Murphy and drummer Andrew Scott — that nonetheless form a cohesive collective. Long-time Toronto scenesters who will always call Halifax home.

Muchmusic and rock-radio regulars who — via their own murderecords label — maintain strong ties to their indie roots. Money-city maniacs who have a soft spot for sweet sugar tunes. Music vets who, instead of coasting on their cred, continue to challenge themselves with each record.
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Halifax Shaped My Musical Evolution

When I was growing up in Halifax in the early 1980's, good concert opportunities were few and far between. If you wanted to see a band playing original music, you often had to do a bit of digging and be willing to venture to recreation centres or churches. In some ways, if you wanted to see a band, you basically had to start a band.
05/24/2013 10:47 EDT