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Jay Rosenzweig

Family man. Designer, builder & recruiter of world class teams. Advocate. Community Leader. Entrepreneur. Investor.

Jay Rosenzweig, the founding partner of Rosenzweig & Company, is an expert in designing, building and attracting world class teams. He consults to public and private companies including large global corporations; emerging growth to mid-sized businesses; professional services firms; and private equity and venture capital firms. Prior to joining the search industry, Jay was in the field of law. Jay earned three degrees at McGill University: Philosophy, Civil Law , and Common Law. <br> <br> Jay is a champion of the cause of gender equality. In the context of his corporate work, Jay has been actively advocating on behalf of women for several decades, most prominently through his highly regarded Rosenzweig Report on the status of women. <br> <br> Jay advises several leading edge businesses, most of them based in California, New York, or Ontario, including: Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, the next quantum step in mobility: sustainable, safe and super-fast transportation for all humans and all parts of the world; Turnstile Live, a single, unified technology platform for all live events; Hooch, the first ever members-only cocktail app; Winston House, a global community of young creators sharing a passion for people, music, art, sports, travel, brands, and activism; Ignited Network, a start-up music accelerator; Logit Sport, a high performance technology for athletes; Drop, the leading millennial coalition loyalty program; Limelight, a business that improves ROI for brands that do live marketing; and GEC Risk Advisory, which equips clients with customized governance, risk, ethics, compliance and corporate responsibility strategies and tactics. <br> <br> Jay is active in many social causes, holding board seats on Irwin Cotler's Raoul Wallenberg Centre for Human Rights; the Breast Cancer Cabinet of Mount Sinai Hospital; CJPAC; and Genesis Centre For Innovation.
Bridges (Not Walls) Make Nations

Bridges (Not Walls) Make Nations Great

We Canadians, if we stay true to our beliefs as expressed in our Charter, have an opportunity to be a shining example to the world that building bridges will trump building walls virtually every time when it comes to nation-building; and more importantly repairing the world for the better.
01/31/2017 07:36 EST
Shimon Peres And The Inspiration To

Shimon Peres And The Inspiration To Change

Shimon Peres was the last towering figure from Israel's founding generation -- and he is now gone. But in a very real sense he lives on by providing us an example of how one can cast off positions in the face of changing circumstances. And to be courageous. And to dare to dream that we can one day have peace on earth.
10/04/2016 11:22 EDT
Muhammad Ali Showed How One Man Can Transform The

Muhammad Ali Showed How One Man Can Transform The World

True transformational leaders defy conventional stereotypes and societal boundaries. No one illustrated this better than the late, great Muhammad Ali. Born Cassius Clay in the racially segregated city of Louisville, Kentucky, he didn't just break the mould of what it means to be an African-American athlete and role model -- he blew it to smithereens.
06/06/2016 08:59 EDT
Trudeau Shows Leadership With Cabinet

Trudeau Shows Leadership With Cabinet Picks

From a talent acquisition and recruitment point of view, one thing is quite clear: Justin Trudeau is off to a good start. Over the more than quarter century that I've been vetting and recommending candidates for leadership roles in global companies, I've learned that actions indeed speak louder than words, symbolism matters, diverse points of view should be promoted, and a strong team trumps a strong individual all the time.
11/04/2015 03:01 EST
My Mentor Taught Me the Power of Personal Modesty and

My Mentor Taught Me the Power of Personal Modesty and Humility

One very telling trait in a prospective candidate's makeup is their ability to ascribe whatever success they may have had thus far in their careers to the influence or assistance of others. Often they will speak of a mentor or a series of mentors as pivotal figures. One very special mentor and teacher of mine is the Honourable Irwin Cotler.
07/15/2015 12:37 EDT
The Search for the Next Twitter CEO Requires a Disciplined

The Search for the Next Twitter CEO Requires a Disciplined Process

The departure of Twitter's CEO Dick Costolo opens up new and exciting opportunities for the microblogging social network. Twitter is falling behind its social media competitors in attracting new users and keeping users active. The time is right for a new CEO and both investors and Twitter users are wondering what's next for the company, and what the next permanent CEO might look like.
06/14/2015 08:31 EDT
No Oscar Yet For Canada in Gender Equality at the

No Oscar Yet For Canada in Gender Equality at the Top

By coincidence, just as the Academy Awards were being handed out, our executive recruitment firm, Rosenzweig & Company, was getting ready to release its 10th annual Report on Women at the Top Levels of Corporate Canada. The findings show that wage equality, while important, is just part of the issue. The reality is that even if women in Canada achieve complete wage equality at every level, there are far too few women in the highest paid corporate executive positions positioned to reap that reward.
02/25/2015 09:13 EST
What Savvy Business People Can Learn From

What Savvy Business People Can Learn From Drake

Drake was recently announced as the new "global ambassador" for the Toronto Raptors. In doing this, Drake showed loyalty to his hometown NBA team. He also took a critical step in building his personal brand. This was a terrific move to add breadth to his career and leave open a path for a post-music career.
10/29/2013 12:42 EDT
Demystifying the Executive Recruitment

Demystifying the Executive Recruitment Process

The talent headhunting phenomenon began informally with well-connected former industry executives with big rolodexes and great contacts. In those days, searches were simple: You needed someone and headhunters put calls out and found someone. Today, an effective search is much more sophisticated, yet myths continue to dominate.
10/02/2013 05:35 EDT
Searching For Your Dream Job? Better Check Your Ego At The

Searching For Your Dream Job? Better Check Your Ego At The Door

A client recently hired our firm to find a new chief executive. We presented several high-quality candidates and one, on the surface, intrigued me: He had mountains of experience and success in this particular industry. But the job went to another of our candidates, and this particular executive didn't even get a second interview.
09/27/2013 05:28 EDT
Would Mitt or Obama Make the Better

Would Mitt or Obama Make the Better CEO?

With the coming election less than four weeks away, let's pretend the United States is a large national company, and, putting politics and policy aside, let's look at the two candidates in the same way executive recruiters do when searching for top talent for client companies. In our case, as a global firm headquartered in Canada, we can do this with the distinct advantage of being at some distance from the fray. Through the head-hunter's prism, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney bring to the table very different pros and cons. Business and politics are different in many, many respects. However, a chief executive and a President share certain attributes to be successful.
10/16/2012 05:13 EDT