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J.B. MacKinnon


J.B. MacKinnon is the author or coauthor of four books of nonfiction, one of which, Dead Man in Paradise, won The Charles Taylor Prize for Literary Non-Fiction. MacKinnon also works in the field of interactive documentaries. He was the writer for Bear 71, which explores the intersection of the wired and wild worlds through the true story of a mother grizzly bear and is working with the CBC on an interactive e-book about the Canadian wilderness. As a journalist, MacKinnon has won more than a dozen national and international awards in categories as varied as essays, science writing, and travelogue. MacKinnon is also a rock climber, mountain biker, snowboarder, and — yes — a birdwatcher. He lives with his partner Alisa Smith in Vancouver, Canada.
The Ecological

The Ecological Human

Only this kind of person can inhabit nature deeply enough to change our troubled relationship to nonhuman life, to observe carefully enough the changes we will continue to make, and to truly love the return of the wild as a formidable presence in our lives.
03/05/2014 08:22 EST
Making Vancouver a Wilder

Making Vancouver a Wilder Place

Almost everyone has experienced the loss of some treasured natural space -- whether an entire forest or a simple vacant lot. This exhibition -- inspired by The Once and Future World -- is a way to connect with that feeling, and also explore the unlimited possibilities of melding the urban and wild.
03/04/2014 05:28 EST