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Jean Kavanagh

Writer, Editor, Communications Specialist

Jean Kavanagh is an award-winning writer, editor and communications specialist based in Vancouver.
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How Fear Is Stopping Drug Legalization

"I think there is a fear of change, a fear of change that is ungrounded in any rational apprehension about what will happen. We accept at some level that the whole prohibition policy is a total failure, yet in some other part of our brain we are afraid of change because we worry that society would just turn itself into a collection of drug-addled morons."
04/27/2014 08:21 EDT

The Berlin Wall Theory of Drug Prohibition

"We know that people get addicted to gambling and we don't say there should be no gambling. We know that people get addicted to alcohol and we don't say there should be no alcohol. As long as there is very strict regulation, I don't see why the same argument shouldn't apply to hard drugs."
04/05/2014 02:49 EDT
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Make Access to Drugs Harder, Say Reform Advocates

They believe that regulation will make it harder to get drugs that are now sold on street corners, in shady back alleys and through dial-a-dope operations. And, they say that fear is the major reason people support prohibition even though reams of evidence show it doesn't fix the problems it is meant to solve.
03/27/2014 12:51 EDT
Don Bayley via Getty Images

West Coast Leads Push for Drug Reform in Canada

Kerrisdale residents Ray and Nichola Hall know too well the tragic outcomes of easily accessible illicit drugs. Both their sons, now in their mid 30s, were addicted to heroin and other drugs. They were raised in one of Vancouver's most-exclusive neighbourhoods, proving that the drug trade and addiction have no boundaries.
03/20/2014 05:39 EDT