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Jean Lomas-Hamilton

Writer. Parent. Feminist. Ardent sarcasm enthusiast.

Jean Lomas-Hamilton has a husband, a baby, a cat, and a lot of thoughts. You can read about them all on her blog, <a rel="nofollow">this slow process</a>, which focuses on motherhood, identity, and the many thrills of life in the Canadian suburbs. You can also follow her on <a rel="nofollow">Twitter</a> and <a rel="nofollow">Facebook</a>.
'Just Wait' Is Parenting Advice I'll Happily

'Just Wait' Is Parenting Advice I'll Happily Ignore

It's an interesting phenomenon among parents, this "just wait." What will happen if all I ever do is look out for the perils that lie ahead? I'll wait and wait and wait and then these precious years will be over. And in waiting in fear of what's next, I'll have missed the process of actually getting there.
05/10/2016 05:55 EDT
Stop Making Sexist Career Suggestions For My

Stop Making Sexist Career Suggestions For My Baby

"Look at her kick those legs! She's going to be a dancer when she grows up!" It's an innocent enough comment, and I know it's mostly just a way to make conversation, but it's really starting to irk me. I think it has to do with the sexist assumptions embedded in these kinds of statements.
03/23/2016 02:46 EDT