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Jeanette Podolsky

Speech-language pathologist Reg. CASLPO

Jeanette Podolsky is a Speech-language pathologist Reg. CASLPO and the clinical director of Speech Therapy Centtres of Canada Ltd. Jeanette created the Speech Therapy Centres of Canada in 2008 as she wanted to provide access for those in need. With innovative and creative service offerings the Speech Therapy Centres of Canada has become the place to go for all communication issues.

Speech Therapy Has a Role in Transgender Transition

The main goal of speech therapy for a transitioning individual is to alter one's speech to better represent his/her new sense of self. Speech is not something people generally think about, but it can be a significant aspect in defining one's self. Our voice plays a huge role in how we see ourselves and how we present ourselves to others.
06/23/2015 06:07 EDT