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Jedannah Vieira

Fashion Business Consultant & CPA, Founder of

Jedannah is a Chartered Professional Accountant with 10 years of experience in strategy, finance and client service. She excels at growth initiatives and operational transformation. As a Fashion Business Consultant, she helps brands to grow sustainable businesses with healthy financials. Find her
Why Affordable Luxury Denim Is About To Change MaxFrost via Getty Images

Why Affordable Luxury Denim Is About To Change Everything

For some of us, denim is a lifestyle choice. Sporting our prized jeans during work and play, it's only natural that maintaining our baby blues is part of life's daily routine. Bordering on an obsession similar to that of wine aficionados, 'denimheads' also thrive on a high that comes from seeking, enjoying and preserving special washes, cuts, vintages and grades of denim. There's just one problem: luxury denim is notoriously expensive. And now, there's a solution.
05/13/2016 05:27 EDT
My Open Love Letter to American ASSOCIATED PRESS

My Open Love Letter to American Apparel

American Apparel's energy and fashion risk-taking was refreshing, and I would venture to say that it revived a love for long-lost styles that have since been adopted and copied by many fast-fashion retailers. Blatant dare-to-dream mentality and unabated vision is so hard to come by these days. Whatever happens, American Apparel is an example of what to do.
10/15/2015 05:05 EDT