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Jeewan Chanicka

Educator and community activist. Formerly at the Inclusive Education Branch at the Ministry of Education

Jeewan Chanicka is an educator with a focus on Equity as a foundational approach to support Student Achievement and Well-being in Ontario, Canada. Jeewan's past includes his work at the Ministry of Education in Ontario in the Inclusive Education Branch and prior to that, a Principal and teacher in York Region District School Board. He also worked in the international education setting as a teacher and curriculum writer. He has a BA in Conflict Resolution and Culturally appropriate forms of Mediation and his Masters Degree in Education. He has consulted with the United Nations University of Peace as part of a team to develop a curriculum framework on Peace Education in the Islamic context implemented in various parts of the world. In 2015, Jeewan and his school received the Premier's Safe and Accepting School's award. The school used Inclusive Design as transformative process with a focus on social justice to shift school culture and practice. In June of that year, Jeewan was hosted at the Anne Frank House where he shared this journey with educators from around the world.  Prior to that he worked for two years in Abu Dhabi, UAE where he helped to open an International School and develop/write curriculum following IB requirements with an explicit social justice narrative embedded within it.  He is the recipient of the Mary Samuels award for Educational Leadership, Vaughan African Canadian Association's Legacy Award for leadership in supporting Black students, the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee award for his work in Education and Community Service and a Promising Practices award from the Character Education Partnership based in Washington DC, USA for the Helping Hands initiative which looked at infusing social justice through the curriculum and action in supporting families and children in 11 different countries around the world.  Jeewan was a Torchbearer for the 2015 PanAm games. Jeewan has also been a public speaker in North America and Europe on a variety of issues in education, equity, inclusion, anti-oppression youth, risk and resiliency and has written articles on human rights, equity and inclusion for newspapers, books and publications. He currently sits on the Community Advisory Group for the Ontario Human Rights Commission and the Provincial roundtable on Islamophobia for the Anti-Racism Directorate. He has lived and travelled around the world and in his spare time you can find him gardening, climbing volcanoes, swimming with sharks, diving in underground lakes, singing, art, cooking, photography, zip-lining and many other crazy things as necessary therapy for engaging social justice and anti-oppression work.
Confronting Canada's Racist Past Helps Us Fight Prejudice Of

Confronting Canada's Racist Past Helps Us Fight Prejudice Of Today

While there is much for us to be proud of in our growth and 150-year journey as a nation, we cannot romanticize history and erase the truth. History would uncover that this country has continually undergone struggles where entire groups of people had been vilified and ill treated, and identity politics used to stoke fear and hatred.
04/03/2017 04:16 EDT
We Ignore The Hate In Our Politics At Canada's

We Ignore The Hate In Our Politics At Canada's Peril

While many Canadians look at the politics in the U.S. with confusion and frustration, a more informed reading of our Canadian context highlights our reality may be heading in a similar direction. Silence by the political centre can lead us down the same road as our neighbours south of the border.
03/16/2017 09:30 EDT
6 Ways To Support Students As Acts Of Hate Continue To

6 Ways To Support Students As Acts Of Hate Continue To Rise

Recently, with rising Islamophobia, a Muslim child was threatened on school grounds by someone wearing a mask. Though schools may see themselves as "neutral," the sense of safety and well-being of many children continues to be hijacked with the ongoing rhetoric of political leaders and increasing hate incidents and crimes.
03/06/2017 10:37 EST
A Tale Of Two Canadas – With Muslims In The

A Tale Of Two Canadas – With Muslims In The Middle

When they show hate, we will continue to show love. We cannot allow the Conservative party and its hate-inspired identity politics to destroy a vision we continue to build. The people united, will never be defeated.
02/27/2017 05:09 EST