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Jeff Ansell

Communications expert, corporate consultant

Do you have what it takes to: Deal comfortably with the media? Communicate properly in a crisis? Speak with poise, substance and style in any situation? These are vital skills to develop. Jeff Ansell will ensure you master them. Using his expertise as a former journalist, Ansell has created a series of unique processes to help people be compelling communicators.

His consulting practice helps Fortune 500 companies create strategies to manage high profile, tough issues and present themselves well to all stakeholders. Ansell's first publication, When the Headline Is You: An Insider's Guide to Handling the Media, was published in September 2010. Charismatic and compelling, Ansell practices what he preaches and delivers every time.

Ansell’s counselling enables clients to better manage crises, deal comfortably with media, and speak in a trustworthy way. Thousands worldwide have been coached in his process.

Ansell advised Pacific Gas & Electric in the Erin Brockovich case. In addition to sharing the podium with former U.S. President George H.W. Bush, he trained White House spokespeople on how best to respond to media questions.

As an investigative journalist prior to his consulting career, Ansell would often dedicate a full year to investigate a single story for his reports, which appeared on TV and radio and in newspapers and magazines. Ansell captured Nazi war criminals and posed undercover as a drug addict to expose doctors pushing drugs. He is a proud recipient of the Radio and Television News Directors Association Award for the Most Significant Contribution to the Improvement of News Gathering in the country and was nominated for Canada’s Governor-General’s Award for public service in journalism.

Wanting to build on what he learned as a journalist, Ansell moved into the world of public relations and went on to serve as senior vice president of Hill and Knowlton, one of the world’s largest PR firms. After creating a media-training department for Hill and Knowlton, Ansell started his own consulting practice -- Jeff Ansell & Associates.

Based on Ansell’s extensive experience, his book provides a how-to guide for executives and other professionals whose high-visibility requires frequent interviews with the media.

Ansell is a faculty member of the MIT-Harvard Public Disputes Program “Dealing with an Angry Public,” sponsored by Harvard Law School. Annually, he teaches Harvard Business School MBA students in the “Negotiating Complex Deals and Disputes” course. Ansell’s experience as a journalist has given him the practical knowledge and ability to instinctively react to his clients’ most difficult situations. More information on Jeff Ansell can be found at:
The TRUTH Will Set You AP

The TRUTH Will Set You Free

Trust is the Holy Grail in politics, and Congressman Weiner treats trust like dirty laundry. When you lie to cover up misdeeds, it sends a message you don't care about anyone but yourself. The secret is to be genuine, and to let people know you are serious about rectifying the situation.
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