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Jeff Begley

President of the Fédération de la santé et des services sociaux (FSSS–CSN)

Jeff Begley is President of the Fédération de la santé et des services sociaux (FSSS–CSN) since december 6 2012. FSSS–CSN represents more than 130 000 workers in the healthcare and social services throughout Quebec as well as workers from daycare services.
Patrick Bellerose

Responding To Quebec's Provocation Of The Public Servants Unions

Martin Coiteux doesn't give the impression he's very interested in negotiating with workers in the public sector. Despite the fact that the Common Front has significantly lowered its demand on pay it seems clear to me that the chair of the Conseil du trésor had already written his speech before he even met with the Common Front.
11/24/2015 02:56 EST

Growing Social Inequalities Are a Major Issue in Quebec

I'm going to talk to you about social inequalities. Some might think that this issue isn't important in Québec. Yet the data show a particularly disturbing growth in inequalities. In my opinion, our struggles must converge on the fight against growing social inequalities.
10/01/2015 05:27 EDT

Adoption of Bill 10: a Sad Day for Democracy

Contrary to what various columnists say, I don't find it surprising that Minister Barrette wanted to cut off debate and push through Bill 10. It's the cornerstone that will make it possible to move ahead with more privatization in health care and social services.
02/10/2015 08:59 EST
AFP via Getty Images

Why Are Harper and Couillard Completely Silent on Growing Income Inequalities?

It is also interesting to note that 43 per cent of CEOs, who can afford to pay for their retirement without other contributions, have set up defined benefits pension plans that will provide them $1.9 million every year from the time they turn 65. Less than 11 per cent of the general population has a defined benefits pension plan, in stark contrast with a full 43 per cent of the wealthiest in our society. But the Couillard government is doing absolutely nothing to improve the lot of the 89 per cent who are excluded.
01/13/2015 12:33 EST
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Why We Need To Resist Liberal Austerity in Quebec

It was obvious to everyone that the Couillard government's proposals will simply make inequalities worse. The government wasn't mandated to dismantle public services. Philippe Couillard didn't get a mandate from the population to do what he's doing. Philippe Couillard is implementing the CAQ's program.
11/11/2014 12:22 EST

The Price Canada's Really Paying For Drug Company Profits

Drug companies exist for one reason only: to make maximum profits. It's part of their DNA. Between maximum profits and the value of a human life, the drug companies choose maximum profits. Providing drugs to Africans at prices the latter could afford would affect the prices of drugs here in America and especially in Europe, and thus have a major impact on profits.
06/13/2014 08:36 EDT

Continuing the Discussion on Productivity...

The new minister of Health and Social Services, Gaétan Barrette, is admired by some for his "audacity." We propose a few reforms he could implement to improve access to health care. Let's see whether...
05/25/2014 10:53 EDT
CGinspiration via Getty Images

Quebec's Health Care Workers Should Be Better Paid

Citing the alarming state of Québec's public finances, Conseil du trésor chair Martin Coiteux warned that the remuneration of government employees might well be tied to their productivity in the very near future. There's no denying that in terms of public costs, Québec's health-care system has the best performance in the country. So why are workers in the field of health not better paid?
05/16/2014 12:28 EDT

Quebec's Couillard Government Is Selling Austerity

The Quebec Liberal Party finally showed its true colours last week. Once the campaign ended Philippe Couillard wasted little time in commissioning two economists to prepare a remarkable for its pro-austerity slant.
05/02/2014 12:58 EDT

Five Priorities For Quebec's New Minister of Health and Social Services

Quebec's new Minister of Health and Social Services, Gaétan Barrette, has longed to take this post for many years. He likely has a clearer vision of the changes he would like to make than the vision espoused by the Liberal Party during the election campaign. There are some projects that are top priority, in my view, because they will help right the ship, change the culture. I list five here.
04/24/2014 05:48 EDT