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Jeff Chatterton

Crisis Communications Expert

Jeff Chatterton is a crisis communications consultant, and the owner of Checkmate Public Affairs. Checkmate focuses exclusively on high-risk communications.
How Do You Know You're a Competent ASSOCIATED PRESS

How Do You Know You're a Competent Pilot?

At the end of the day, the principals of flight are constant. An airplane needs to generate more lift than weight, and needs to generate more thrust than drag. That will never go away. But to sit back and assume that you're a competent pilot because you understand the principals would be laughable.
06/09/2014 05:33 EDT
The One Simple Move Celebrities Could Use To Avoid a ASSOCIATED PRESS

The One Simple Move Celebrities Could Use To Avoid a Scandal

In all cases, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, people who until that point had been leaders within their community point to the flimsiest of excuses, and merely invite further scorn to fall upon them. Its like they want to make things worse for themselves. In many ways, the very act of attempted salvation is the act that dooms them.
05/14/2014 12:35 EDT
How WestJet Won the Holiday WikiMedia:

How WestJet Won the Holiday Season

If you're Canadian, you've likely seen the WestJet video. If you're not Canadian, or you've been living under a rock (or an igloo) you can see the video here. Be warned -- you'll need a tissue. This is brilliant, for a couple of reasons.
12/12/2013 12:28 EST
Why Getting LinkedIn Endorsements Doesn't Mean You're Getty

Why Getting LinkedIn Endorsements Doesn't Mean You're Special

When I get an endorsement "Jeff Chatterton is great at event planning," I know it's the latter. It's just someone trying to curry favour. How do I know that? I hate event planning. I don't do it, because I suck at it, and I know that. Here at Checkmate Public Affairs, if I need to stage an event, I have other people that I know will do a better job than I do the work. I've had one person, who I met at a speech I gave in Iowa, endorse me upwards of 20 times. Another former colleague is running for political office, and I've probably received a dozen endorsements from him. All it does is clog my inbox.
10/02/2013 05:31 EDT
How Rob Ford Could Have Saved His Career CP

How Rob Ford Could Have Saved His Career (UPDATED)

Rob Ford has chosen to imitate an ostrich when it comes to questions regarding "the video." He has buried his head in the sand. It's a lousy strategy, highlighting only his ability to run away from trouble. It's not leadership - it's panic. And it's especially sad when he had so many options open to him. Instead, he ran away and hid like a scared, petulant child. And it's this complete and total lack of leadership that has doomed him. At this point, it doesn't matter whether the video is real or not - the electorate has seen their Mayor as someone who clearly cannot handle dealing with a rough situation when the chips are down.
05/24/2013 12:18 EDT