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Jeff Cimbalo

Lawyer, author

Jeff Cimbalo is a Virginia lawyer. He worked on books and articles on American politics, democratization, and the "clash of civilizations" with former Secretary of the Navy John Lehman and Harvard professor Samuel P. Huntington. <br> <br> He himself has written for <em> Foreign Affairs</em>, <em>The National Interest</em>, <em>The Wall Street Journal</em>, and other publications, mostly on European affairs. He graduated from Georgetown, Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, and the University of Virginia School of Law. <br> <br> He is a member of List E of the Brussels Bar and can be reached at
The EU's New Budget Motto:

The EU's New Budget Motto: "Mother May I?"

European Council President Herman Van Rompuy has just floated a proposal to subject all Union members -- not just eurozone members -- to more rigorous budget scrutiny by Union organs. The move is so contrary to the Union treaties and its scope so overreaching to the current eurozone debt crisis that it is doomed to fail.
12/08/2011 12:20 EST
One Continent, Under France and

One Continent, Under France and Germany

Looks like the EU has found an alternative to German domination of everybody else. It's the French-German domination of everybody else. Attendees should not be surprised to see new details on the fly that "must" be agreed to or risk destroying the eurozone and the EU.
12/07/2011 02:02 EST
Democracy Not in Store for Eurozone

Democracy Not in Store for Eurozone Members

It's the member states paying in that lose, both by the creation of another huge bureaucracy inside the Union not all have agreed to, and in the knowledge that the Union can effectively now tax them directly, redistribute the money the way finance ministers alone see fit, and call it a bailout.
12/01/2011 09:06 EST
The Latest Plan to Control Euro

The Latest Plan to Control Euro Members

What's the newest strategy of the European Commission to remove any democratic accountability from the eurozone members? They are now <a href="" target="_hplink">aiming</a> to consolidate all eurozone members on the IMF Executive Board into a single member, represented by... the European Commission.
11/24/2011 08:52 EST
An Open Eurozone Is a Weakened

An Open Eurozone Is a Weakened Eurozone

There are methods which could easily be used to reform the eurozone with tighter controls. However, demoting the euro from a requirement to some sort of enhanced cooperation or its like will have its problems, largely because of the agreed ethics of such processes within the greater Union.
11/16/2011 12:39 EST
Merkel's Plan to End the

Merkel's Plan to End the Euro

<a href="" target="_hplink"><img src=""></a>
11/14/2011 02:52 EST
The Euro May Die So Europe Can

The Euro May Die So Europe Can Live

The Germans and French have gone public with their desire to oust certain countries from the euro and build a new eurozone with much deeper policy integration and a much more selective membership.
11/10/2011 02:18 EST
Save the Euro, Lose

Save the Euro, Lose Sovereignity

The race to save the euro, and how it's being conducted, will not just affect bailed out countries' control over their budgets. It will also likely harm what remaining democratic character the Union has by allowing for influence over debtor states' votes in a way the treaties anticipate and forbid.
11/09/2011 04:57 EST
Europe's Greatest Deficit Is its

Europe's Greatest Deficit Is its Democracy

Soon-to-be-former Greek Prime Minister Papandreou had the right instinct calling for a referendum on the austerity package. There has been a long-stranding "democratic deficit" within the European Union, with major decisions being made without the input of the Union's citizens. The latest crisis is only increasing this deficit.
11/08/2011 09:14 EST
The G20 Summit's Abject

The G20 Summit's Abject Failure

If, as it appears, there is not enough money in the eurozone and probably the Union to save the euro from the Greek and Italian government assaults on its solvency, can the IMF really accomplish these bailouts on their behalf?
11/05/2011 08:54 EDT
China's Pound of

China's Pound of Euro-Flesh

Given the European Union's occasionally expressed but steady desire to define their role in the world apart from the United States, and given the eurozone's relative weakness right now, a close relationship with China may be seen as the only non-U.S. alternative for them to pursue.
11/03/2011 10:55 EDT