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Jeff Dorn

Writer, Director

Ojibway writer and director Jeff Dorn creates intelligent, stirring films that evocatively speak to the human condition. From the Walpole Island First Nation, Dorn began his career as a news photographer in Winnipeg. His filmography includes working as a director for CTV News CJOH in Ottawa between 2009 and 2012, the National Aboriginal Achievement Awards Television Showcase (2007-10), the Arctic Winter Games Opening Ceremonies (2004) and two television adaptations of Robert Munsch’s Winter Tales (50 Below Zero in 2004 and Baseball Bats for Christmas in 2003).Dorn’s credits also include co-director for two seasons of the acclaimed documentary series Rez Rides, and director of photography for Club Native, a Gemini Award-winning documentary. In his TVO-commissioned documentary Smoke Traders, produced by Rezolution Pictures, Dorn took an inside look at the world of the Mohawk tobacco trade. “My goal in making Smoke Traders will be to show audiences – and especially non-Natives – the real face of the “illegal” Mohawk tobacco industry,” says Jeff Dorn. “Why, for the Mohawks of Akwesasne, this trade is a right, not a crime.”
Smoke Traders and the Story of Native

Smoke Traders and the Story of Native Poverty

<img alt="2012-11-22-whypovertybanner.jpg" src="" width="300" height="85" /> Waiting, waiting and waiting for promises of a better life built the Native Tobacco industry. The taste of success and finical independence lead to the growth of this business. Many don't want this way of life but circumstances have led many to this profession.
12/07/2012 05:31 EST