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Jeff Fraser

Science Writer

Jeff Fraser is a Toronto-based freelance journalist specializing in science and technology. He has written and edited for The Globe and Mail, Huffington Post Canada, The Mark News, The Canadian Journalism Project, and a number of small publications in Kingston, Ontario.

Jeff studied philosophy and mathematics at Queen's University, with a focus on outstanding conceptual problems in language, logic and cognition. He is currently working towards a master's degree in journalism at Ryerson University.
Just Because Your Brain Objectifies Women Doesn't Make it BBC

Just Because Your Brain Objectifies Women Doesn't Make it Right

Cognitive psychologists have discovered that our brains reduce women to their sexual body parts, and treat those parts as objects. The data confirms what many of us have suspected all along: we objectify women without even thinking about it. But does that mean that sexism is an inevitable result of our physiology? That's not so easy to answer.
08/10/2012 07:48 EDT
Google Glasses make Humans One Step Closer to Steve Mann / Google

Google Glasses make Humans One Step Closer to Cyborgs

The boundary between human and machine is softening. The first cyborgs have emerged -- much sooner than scientists would have predicted 30 years ago. We used to think having a device implanted in your skull made you a cyborg and wearing a pair of digital glasses did not. But to the brain, the distinction is arbitrary. Soon we may really have to answer the question: where does "me" end, and "my machine" begin?
08/02/2012 07:54 EDT
Are You Really Conscious Right NIF

Are You Really Conscious Right Now?

While the world celebrates the discovery of the Higgs boson, these scientists are hard at work on one of the most profound mysteries left: Why, and how, did humans become conscious? Until we can figure out what consciousness physically is, there won't be any consensus on what function it serves, or indeed whether it serves any function at all.
07/17/2012 05:08 EDT