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Jeff Hay

Writer, Speaker, Parenting/Couples Coach and father of 4

Jeff Hay is a Canadian writer, speaker, parenting coach and father of 4. He is a popular keynote speaker and workshop presenter on parenting from a dad’s point of view, but mor recently as a Couples Therapy Coach. Jeff continues to dedicate his life’s work to improving the well-being of children by increasing the proportion of children growing up with involved, responsible and committed fathers. He is currently BACK in school for his Masters in Counselling Psychology with the end goal of becoming a couples (proactive) therapist! With a background in recreation, teaching, broadcasting and motivational speaking, Jeff is motivating fathers to be mentors, leaders, nurturers and playmates for their children. When he is not playing his favourite role of “DAD,” Jeff is speaking throughout Canada as a popular parenting educator and working on his website -– -- blogging, facilitating, and connecting with other dads. Jeff continues to work on his parenting book for Dads, “Wait Till Your Father Gets Home!”
My 8-Year-Old Saw Pornography, Now

My 8-Year-Old Saw Pornography, Now What?

Last Thursday, my almost-eight-year-old son's innocence was forever tainted when he discovered, through a Google search, bare-naked ladies (not the talented Canadian singing ones), on his iPod touch. We had a 'situation' here and I needed to deal with it. I didn't want my son to think he was that bad or a deviant.
06/26/2013 12:20 EDT