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Jeff Matthews

Scientist, Environmental Activist

Jeff Matthews is a scientist and environmental activist based in Vancouver who has a passion for ocean and animal rights issues. He obtained a PhD in biophysics from the University of British Columbia.
Vancouver Aquarium's Case For Captive Whales Tim Clayton - Corbis via Getty Images

Vancouver Aquarium's Case For Captive Whales Flounders

Unable to pinpoint a specific cause for the deaths of their last two remaining belugas, the Vancouver Aquarium was left to speculate. And speculate they did, deftly pointing their finger at the critics of whale captivity that have been an ever-present thorn in their side. Ask yourself: Are these the actions one expects from a world-class science-based conservation charity? Or are they the public relations tactics more typical of people with something to hide?
12/06/2016 07:14 EST
Please, Save Our B.C. Danita Delimont via Getty Images

Please, Save Our B.C. Salmon

The war on wild salmon escalated during the Harper years as wild salmon were viewed as mere complications to environmental assessments of resource development projects. A year into the Trudeau Liberal government, it appears little has changed.
11/03/2016 01:38 EDT
Is Salmon Farming B.C.'s Version Of The Tar Sabra Woodworth

Is Salmon Farming B.C.'s Version Of The Tar Sands?

When you are a multi-billion dollar, foreign-owned industry continuously mired in controversy over your environmental record, you have but two options: you clean up your act, or you clean up your image. The latest public relations offensive from B.C. salmon farmers leaves little doubt that for them, image is everything.
12/03/2015 03:02 EST
17 Ways the Government Is Helping Kill Wild David McLain via Getty Images

17 Ways the Government Is Helping Kill Wild Salmon

In British Columbia, salmon are sacred. For centuries, they have nourished First Nations and settlers alike, and continue to sustain virtually all of the wildlife we cherish in B.C.: orcas, eagles, bears, seals and sea lions, wolves and even our forests. Wild salmon make life possible on the West Coast. So why are our federal and provincial governments trying to kill them? I do not speak of simple neglect. I mean actively working towards the destruction of wild salmon.
05/22/2015 05:42 EDT