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Jeff Melanson

Business executive, creativity and innovation consultant

Jeff Melanson is a Canadian executive who has spent more than 15 years working in the arts and culture community, as well as in the public sector. A past President and CEO of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra (TSO), Jeff is passionate about using his business and entrepreneurship expertise to build creative organizations, as well as more vibrant communities. He is also passionate about speaking on topics related to the arts and our universal creative spirit. Jeff currently leads Creative Change Management Consulting (, a firm that delivers consulting expertise to the creative and business sectors.
Taken For

Taken For Granted

The other day, I was walking through Toronto's historic Distillery District. This District is a must-see spot for both locals and visitors to Toronto as it features a wide variety of artistic and cult...
06/16/2017 04:01 EDT
We Must Cast Light On Our Blind dennisvdw via Getty Images

We Must Cast Light On Our Blind Spots

Years ago, I was in a significant car accident. I was changing lanes and I didn't notice another car pull into my blind spot. In our lives we have similar moments when something unperceived quickly emerges and shakes our sense of safety and security. Often, this disruptive force enters from a blind spot
05/30/2017 01:55 EDT
No Quick Marco Maccarini via Getty Images

No Quick Fix

We spend much of our lives confronting problems and challenges. It seems with every passing day or news cycle there are new pressing issues that demand our attention and thought. And yet, how often is...
05/18/2017 11:41 EDT
Creative Inspiration: Tallinn,

Creative Inspiration: Tallinn, Estonia

Recently, I have been thinking a lot about the relationship between organizational strategy and city building (more on that in my next post). I do find it interesting how many cities and countries set...
05/18/2017 11:06 EDT
Our Limits Are What We Make Getty Images via Getty Images

Our Limits Are What We Make Them

Our sense of what is realistic or not might actually limit our own possibility. Consider running a four-minute mile. It was thought to be impossible until Roger Bannister broke the four-minute barrier in 1954. The record now stands at 3:43 and the mile has been run in under four minutes at least 4,500 times.
04/06/2017 04:15 EDT
What Do You suraark via Getty Images

What Do You Value?

Have you identified the values and assumptions that drive you personally and professionally? What drives your business beyond shareholder expectations? What drives your day-to-day personal life beyond working to pay bills? Are you clear on what matters?
03/27/2017 12:13 EDT
Good Fuse via Getty Images

Good Luck?

In my last Huffington Post piece on Happenstance, I discussed the importance of remaining open to and honouring the role of chance in our lives. While I strongly believe this is true, I also believe i...
03/21/2017 04:41 EDT
Thinking Beyond The Box On stanciuc via Getty Images

Thinking Beyond The Box On Evolution

While evolution can happen gradually, it seems as if some of the most dynamic evolutionary leaps happen in dramatic spurts. Arguably, we are living in an extremely disruptive time that most likely will result in dramatic evolutionary changes in our lives, societies and environment. While we mostly equate evolution with a forward-moving positive progression, I do think evolution can also be negative or regressive.
03/13/2017 02:52 EDT
Think Buena Vista Images via Getty Images

Think Big!

Fear and worry is, unfortunately, a part of everyday life. Fear of loss, fear of failure, fear of our comfortable lives being disrupted, displaced, or disassembled. As Mark Twain famously said, "I've...
02/28/2017 05:46 EST
Out Of The ThomasVogel via Getty Images

Out Of The Ordinary

I remember reading Phoebe Gilman's award winning children's book "Something from Nothing" to my three children. It is a great book that Gilman herself describes as a story adapted from an old Jewish f...
02/15/2017 05:31 EST
Are There Downsides To Being A Quick

Are There Downsides To Being A Quick Learner?

In an era in which repetition and computation are increasing dominated by far more intelligent machines, is this at all a true or useful measure of human capacity, value or intellect? In a world facing complex problems and challenges, would we rather have the thoughtful, creative solutions, or the quick, intellectually expedient solution? Perhaps we have erroneously boosted those with computational skills over those with complex problem solving skills in times that increasingly need the latter.
02/06/2017 06:56 EST
The Medium Is The Easyturn via Getty Images

The Medium Is The Message

As the famous Canadian media theorist, Marshall McLuhan, suggests "the medium is the message". While we most often apply this quote to communications or technology, I like to think of its application to the design of everything from city streets to textiles. I often wonder about the assumptions buried within various systems we have designed to develop, educate, work and live.
01/18/2017 03:59 EST