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Jeff Wells

Senior Scientist, International Boreal Conservation Campaign

Dr. Jeff Wells is the senior scientist for the International Boreal Conservation Campaign. He earned his Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from Cornell University and has published numerous scientific and popular articles and book chapters and is the author of Boreal Birds of North America (2011) and Birder’s Conservation Handbook: 100 North American Birds at Risk (2007).

Canada's Choosing A National Bird (And It's Surprisingly Suspenseful)

Ask any American what their national bird is and they'll be sure to tell you it's the Bald Eagle. Ask a Canadian the same question and they're likely to shift the conversation to the weather or last night's hockey game. Why? Because Canada doesn't have a national bird. That's about to change. And unlike in the United States, everyday Canadians are playing a role in the selection.
11/11/2016 08:14 EST
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Many Birds Are On The Decline, But Canada Has A Solution

Stretching from Alaska to Labrador, the Boreal has more intact forest than the Amazon and nearly twice as much carbon in storage as tropical forests. It is a crowning jewel at the top of the globe. Preserving it now will make bird species more resilient as they face climate change and habitat loss along their migration routes south.
09/20/2016 12:23 EDT
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The World Should Learn From Canadian Conservation

Many of the stories told at the World Parks Congress will emphasize work in parts of the world struggling with fragmented landscapes, greatly depleted wildlife and ecosystems on the edge of collapse. But conservation in Canada is uniquely different.
11/11/2014 12:42 EST

Why Mass Bird Deaths Occur and How to Stop Them

When 7,500 birds died a few weeks ago at a natural gas flare in New Brunswick, there was shock and dismay among most people who heard the news. How did it happen? Could it happen again? How might it have been prevented? As tragic as these incidents are, though, they are a blip in the big picture of threats to migratory bird populations.
10/07/2013 05:22 EDT

Why Canada's Wetlands Matter to the World

Here's a surprise for you. You may already know that the list of the world's largest and most important wetlands includes the Amazon Basin and the Pantanal of South America; the Nile River Basin and Congo Basin of Africa; and the Mississippi River Basin in the United States. But did you know that list also includes two boreal wetland systems right here in Canada?
02/05/2013 11:00 EST