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Jeffrey Bernstein

Social Entrepreneur

A Toronto-based social entrepreneur with an interest in new approaches to solving pressing public policy challenges, Jeff has co-founded synapsABILITY to support disability care networks in the province of Ontario. Trained as a foreign policy analyst, he worked previously as a human rights adviser to Canadian Senator Roméo Dallaire, and went on the hunt for counterfeit medicines in South Sudan and Myanmar for STATT, a boutique consulting firm dedicated to mitigating transnational threats and expanding transnational opportunities. Jeff holds a Master's degree from the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs (NPSIA), and an undergraduate degree from the University of Toronto.
Where Have All The Political Leaders

Where Have All The Political Leaders Gone?

Daily updates of the scandals washing over politicians from Montreal to Ottawa to Toronto have some officials looking more like Clay Davis of The Wire's Baltimore than much else. Where have all the leaders gone? Part of the problem, surely, is who we deify. We are guilty of perpetuating a celebrity-obsessed culture, whether those figures drop rhymes, dimes, or guidelines.
06/21/2013 05:36 EDT
Lessons From Holocaust Remembrance Day: Don't Just Remember, Take

Lessons From Holocaust Remembrance Day: Don't Just Remember, Take Action

If we Jews and all other citizens of humanity actually mean the words we speak when we say, "never again," then we must take a stand, today, and actively choose to care and to defend justice by celebrating the uncelebrated and by protecting and giving voice to the voiceless among us, and to say that hatred and intolerance, in any shape or form, no matter how small, has no place in this world.
04/08/2013 05:27 EDT
How to Run Your Non-Profit Like a

How to Run Your Non-Profit Like a Business

The non-profit organization, just like the technology start-up with a disruptive, yet unproven, new innovation, must sell its vision as much as its financial model and its metrics for measuring impact. But by reducing organizational survival to a simple sales-pitch ignores the fundamental truth that not all organizations are created equally.
03/25/2013 05:43 EDT
A Generation of

A Generation of "Y"-ners? I Don't Think So

<a href="" target="_hplink"><img alt="2012-11-19-slavkoaskingybanner.jpg" src="" width="300" height="70" /></a> HuffPost Canada has been Asking Y -- presenting a series to dig deeply into the malaise which has come to characterize the ostensible hijacking of my generation's shot at upward mobility.Were we duped, en masse, to believe we could do anything? I don't buy the nay-saying.
11/26/2012 08:58 EST
A Plea to Travellers: Stop Buying Sex in

A Plea to Travellers: Stop Buying Sex in Thailand

The volume of sex tourism in Thailand is suggestive of an epidemic. Perhaps the men who participate in it are unlucky in love. Perhaps they're just misunderstood. Or, perhaps they just fetishize the exotic "other." Sex tourism would not exist -- nay, thrive -- without the demand-pull provided by men unable to check at the airport, or to fulfill elsewhere, their hormonal desires. So, fellow travellers, young and old, fat and thin, Caucasian and Asian (because lewdness is colourblind), please, I implore you: Stop bringing your unrequited sexual fantasies to Thailand (and to Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Myanmar). It's demeaning. It's perpetuating. And it's embarrassing.
09/06/2012 07:53 EDT