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Jeffrey Dvorkin

Ex-Managing Editor CBC Radio.VP of News NPR Washington. NPR's ombudsman. Lecturer, Director, Journalism Program U of Toronto (Scarborough).

Jeffrey Dvorkin is the former Managing Editor and Chief Journalist at CBC Radio and has also been VP of News and Information at NPR in Washington, DC. He was NPR's first news ombudsman and the first broadcast ombudsman in the US. Dvorkin has co-authored the Ethics Guide for Public Broadcasters for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and The Handbook for News Ombudsmen. He now teaches at the University of Toronto (Scarborough) and is Director of the Journalism program.
The Uber-ization Of Journalism Is Failing

The Uber-ization Of Journalism Is Failing Canadians

Media managers are wondering what went wrong. They are asking why journalism doesn't pay any more. If the solutions are hard to discern, they have only to look at the technology they so eagerly embrace. It's the digital technology. It has spread throughout many industries including journalism, like a virus.
02/11/2016 08:24 EST