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Jen Arron

A downtown Toronto woman, feeling out loud through fine art photography, weaving, motherhood, and the universe

Jen Arron is a professional portrait photographer by day, and moonlights as an emotive artist working with weaved images and soft wool. She's also mom to the most adorable kid on the planet. She's married to a garlic farmer disguised as a grade1 teacher
Jen Arron

Since My Miscarriages, I've Found A Way To Feel Like A Mom Again

I'm a professional family photographer and I have one beautiful son. But I've been pregnant three times. Last year I endured two miscarriages in the span of 10 months. My weariness was palpable. It lay on me like a thick heavy blanket. So many questions arose. So much soul-searching. It felt like a crisis of my spirit.
03/03/2017 10:04 EST