Jen Dalgleish

Pure Yoga co-owner

As co-owner of Pure I have been gifted to provide the space for others to land on their mats daily and continue to transform from the inside out. Yoga has been the key for me moving through life with serenity, courage and curiosity. I am Australian born, part of my heart belongs to the beach, ocean and the surf. My Canadian friends and family have managed to keep me here. Working in the service industry for some time led me to my other passion, food and wine. It’s all about balance.
When Living Your Yoga Means Sponsoring

When Living Your Yoga Means Sponsoring Refugees

Canada is the only country in the world that allows private citizens to unite to sponsor refugees, by taking on a commitment to welcome them and support them as they take refuge in the safe and tolerant country of which we are lucky to be a part.
04/26/2016 03:13 EDT