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Jen Kirsch

Relationship columnist

Relationship columnist and expert. Humour writer. Dubbed by National Post as Canada's Carrie Bradshaw.
I Won't Be Silenced By My Battle With Jen Kirsch

I Won't Be Silenced By My Battle With Depression

Life was good. Until it wasn't. Because something that I can only refer to as stroke-like symptoms started to take over me, seemingly out of nowhere. A Mumford & Son's song blared in the background (I had just come home from a month long tour across the southern U.S. with them,) as I started to lose feeling in the left side of my body. First in my hand, palm and up my arm, then in my foot, calf, thigh and entire left leg. I wanted to tell my guy that something was happening to me, but I struggled to get any tangible words out of my mouth.
12/04/2015 12:16 EST