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Jenafor Tanner

Mother, Grandmother, Retired Small Business Owner In B.C.

Jenafor Tanner, now a grandmother, retired business owner and life coach has, after looking after her now deceased husband for eight years prior to his death, recently turned her interests, once again, to the well-being of her province and her country. In so doing, she found that during the time she had devoted herself solely to the care of her husband both province and country have undergone changes that compelled her to closely examine what being a Canadian means to her.

It shocked her to find that both provincially and federally much of what she had worked for and believed in all her life as had her parents and grandparents before her was virtually unrecognizable. She found that the country that she inherited from her ancestors is in the process of becoming one that she is not willing to have visited upon her grandchildren. So it is that Jenafor finds herself giving her attention to the source of her own and others beliefs and perceptions about her country and her fellow citizens.