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Jenn Gearey

Forever journo, former Tory DComm and candidate, news junkie, and mom of four.

Jenn Gearey has worked as Director of Communications for two Tory Cabinet Ministers, she ran in the 2011 fed election, and worked as a journalist and public servant with a niche in defence and security. Mom of four. Any opinions in this piece are her own. @JennGearey

Since When Does Writing About Sex Make You Less Of A Conservative?

It's been years since the article was written, but it is still Google's number one hit for me when you search my name. It pre-dated my card-carrying Conservative membership, but I had been assigned and written articles regarding sex when I was a freelance journalist nearly 10 years ago, trying to make ends meet.
06/19/2017 02:19 EDT
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Confessions of a New Journalist Reporting in a Conflict Zone

My first conflict zone gave me reoccurring nightmares that I can't seem to forget. In 2002, I planned my documentary thesis for my Master's in Journalism -- I wanted to show the sacrifice of war correspondents who put their lives in peril in the name of communicating news during conflict. It was the height of the second intifada -- The same week I smelled bomb for the first time.
09/13/2015 06:13 EDT

Egypt's Inability to End Female Genital Mutilation Is Shameful

While Egypt was considered a role model for civilization once upon a time, its inability to put a stop against barbaric acts of FGM is painful. The human rights violations where infants, toddlers, children, teenagers, and women, are having their vaginas sliced, because the notion of a woman experiencing sexual pleasure is distasteful, are not dwindling.
06/29/2015 05:46 EDT

Why Politics Shouldn't Get Personal

I think we should all put on an oxygen mask when we see the smoke of politicos' personal lives being pushed in our faces. Their work should be the measured based on their achievements as our representatives. All's fair in love, war, and politics? Each seems to contain an element of the other in one way, and each needs rules of its own.  Let's see who can play the election game fairly and not manipulate voters into believing a flaw in someone's personal life equates to them being ill suited to honourably serving the public with devotion and distinction.
05/30/2015 04:25 EDT

What the Lives of Iraqi Minorities Can Teach Us About the Current Conflict

Iraq is beset with bombs, fighting, slaughter, and terrified minorities. In the international community's eye, this fight seemed suddenly to begin with terrorized Yazidis on a mountain. But to understand the current crisis, we need to consider the ongoing constitutional and legal challenges faced by Iraqi minorities.
10/05/2014 10:39 EDT
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Syrian Refugees Are a Shock To Lebanon's System

The enormous influx of Syrian refugees has been difficult for the Lebanese people. Some estimates put the Syrian refugee presence in Lebanon at 50 per cent of the small country's total population. Hala Naufal, an Expert Demographer and professor of Population Studies at the Lebanese University, estimates the Syrian refugee count in Lebanon to now be around two million.
07/18/2014 05:35 EDT

Should Canada Fear North Korea?

Given Canada's close proximity and alliance with the U.S., and North Korea's abhorrence of that "imperialist" country and everything it represents, the question is whether Canadians should feel fearful of North Korean missiles -- in the event they can reach our neighbour, or accidentally strike us instead.
02/28/2013 01:16 EST

Should Quebec Shame Me Out of Speaking English?

My ancestors were among those who discovered La Nouvelle France; "Drouin" was my paternal grandmother's last name. I love Québec and I stand up for it. I wish I could say that my petit nation thought I was the ideal Québecois. But no, I feel like Madame Marois wants to turpentine the Anglo off of me or have the French Québecois alienate and exile me. There are many of us Québecois who are not pure laine, but Québec is the only place that is home to us. If people of all religions, of all races, of both genders can live together in harmony in this province, why can't Anglos and Francos?
01/16/2013 08:02 EST